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  1. Congrats, OP. I'm also amused by your hyperbole. I highly doubt they are going to add yet another more powerful quick update button. Use the invest all button like the rest of us. -> You are not going to get arthritis from clicking. Not sure if it is arthritis or CTS or normal for everyone for this to occur, but I am 22 years old and I sometimes get minor pains in my hand when typing, and during the winter if my hands get cold my fingers lock up and it is hard to type and (or) extremely painful for about an hour. Not saying that DD caused this (obviously), but I've been on the co
  2. I actually have a controller, didn't think of that. Thanks!
  3. So I took a break for a month and thought I would come back, When I quit one thing I was really hoping they would do is allow us to invest in multiple upgrades at a time before investing the points. Now especially that you have 80+ up items, it takes forever to "invest, click point, invest, click point, invest, click point" I'm surprised that this still the case, unless there is so secret in a patch note I did not get when I was gone.
  4. Pretty please? I'd rather upgrade 89 time and then allocate points, then doing it manually one by one. Took me 45 minutes to upgrade my armor set. I want to be pewpewing, not clickclicking.
  5. i do insane and have gotten to last wave, i just put down clumps of auras for me to fight in, imo theres no need to put auras or traps near the spawns, as nothing really matters except ogres. and ogres walk through those basically unphased. So you need a better way to kill ogres. i set up clumps of auras and move to them as the current one dies/runs out of charges. i dont even use traps out of laziness, but obviously that would help. i have an aoe weapon though, otherwise, I have no idea how I would kill 10 ogres at once Traps near spawn help get ogres out faster, they aren't ther
  6. Can we get some AI love for guardian pets? Why is my apprentice guardian buffing a magic barrier, vs the proxi underneath it? (obviously it is range based)
  7. I am pretty sure it follows along with missions. Labs is a relatively low mission (number), meaning you aren't going to get that awesome of loot from the tavern, despite going to a wave. However, if you go to say wave 10 on Glitter, you will probably see better loot.
  8. Howdy, somehow on my monk the 4 key, which use to be repair has been replaced with the radial that brings up build buildings. How do I go about fixing that?
  9. Never heard of resists? You don't need 300 billion in every stat.. If you have over ~350 of any stat consider dropping points in to resist... specifically fire and generics.. With over 80% you will not get one shotted.. with a touch of player skill you probably will not die either.. Someone didn't read =/ even with 75ish percent across the board in resist(I know, I am working on getting it higher)
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how wide the gap was between medium giraffe, hard giraffe, and insane giraffe are. I knew originally there was not a big difference, however I am unsure now after the super loot patch.
  11. Hello Trendy! I feel that the assassins lore wise, and gameplay wise are overpowered. First off, I'd like to say that I feel the name Warrior for the Dark elf is a misnomer. They feel clearly like assassins. Infact most people I play with, which albeit is a small minority of the player base, also call them assassins. I can not think of any fantasy campaign where "warriors" are incredibly nimble,stupidly strong, deal insane damage, and are stealthy/fast In most fantasy settings assassins are sly and stealthy rogues who sneak out of the shadows and stab you in the face/back. Howe
  12. Don't bother, In my eyes from personal experience with both games, Trendy > Uber. fair enough, I bought MNC, played it for about six hours and got bored. However, I thought that just might of been a "different strokes for different folks" type of situation.
  13. Oh trust me, you're one of the few who I can clearly see your point. While I dont necessarily share it, it is based in reality. The part that boggles my mind is this sort of blind loyalty thats cropped up. Its a little scary. People wonder why companies take advantage of people and are shady. And you can sort of see it right here, I mean these ARE companies, despite how "friendly" they are, and how nice, their bottom line IS to make money. This is a whole conversation onto itself that would diverge from the original intent of this message, if you'd like to talk about that or anything f
  14. I'm going to concede that point partially until I have further time to research the situation, which honestly I'm probably not going to have time after I address all my other priorities.
  15. Daztora, interesting information. Thanks! I'm not going to lie, I did not look to heavily into it as it is late. However, one difference might have been that allowed them to do that. They appear to be comprised of much more experienced coders and developers, for what articles I glimpsed they used a very efficient way of designing (white-boxing) and time management with it. They are also older, aka more likely to have a bit stashed a way. Also, it was first released for xbox live and did ~225k copies. Then waited two months and released for steam with ??? sales. Meaning they jus
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