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  1. Just seen it on youtube - they made step in right direction :) But its still not versus mode. Its team competetive survival. Versus is when you can actually somehow make the life of the other team harder by helping the mobs on their side, sending more and more deadly ones. Team survival doesnt allow any interaction hence its as boring as usuall mode.
  2. Hello. I have abandoned this game somewhere around time they implemented hero vs hero pvp beta. Before i come back i would like to know if they have implemented some nice pvp mode where 2 teams build towers and send monsters to the other team to deal with? In short, a TD versus mode? Im asking, cause I dont see this game attractive without it... players' created maps in starcraft 2 editor are much more attractive gameplay wise...
  3. Hello i havent been playing since i have started this suggestion thread. Have they said something about such pvp game mode? Nothing else could possibly make me go back to this game :)
  4. i guess its a bug then... should be fixed (naming)
  5. I havent ever thought that i will see people calling for stopping improvements made for them... -.- Let me guess: you are a socialist? Their ideas are equally absurd.
  6. Yeah, there would be required build and combat phases. Buying mercenaries however should be open for good and bad timings, so they should be available in combat phase, however you could aswell just queue them in the build phase, and they would go with the standard wave when combat phase begins. Habing options to queue or buy mercenaries could work, but some things, like active abilities (heal, bombardment etc) woudlnt make sense if queued (and then be used at the very beginning of combat phase), unless they would be queued the way that it would have some random interval before they are being
  7. Yeah! I'm just dissapointed that PvP TPS took precedent over a Team v Team Tower Defence Option. Seems a bit lacking in imagination and a detraction from the main aspect that makes this game unique. I dont think it was lack of imagination - i believe it looked as a tempting and smart idea to quickly, easily make additional game mode. Turned out to be not that quick and easy after all, and not as fun as it seemed to be. They just started working on it without finishing the concept Simply rushed work on it, without thinking trough all the possible problems that comes with totally changing the
  8. I dont think that having equipment normalized would be a good idea, and i dont think its soemthing that is required anyway. The whole point of having rpg element added to this TD pvp is what makes SC2 TDpvp maps with experience and levels banked each match better than war3 TDpvp maps. RPG element is what makes people want to play it more and feel some sense of progression. If you normalize equipment you kill that progression element. Like battlegrounds and arenas in WoW - battlegrounds and arenas were fun, but the official tournament arenas with normalized eqipment makes it nothing but an e-sp
  9. I'm sorry but you have no clue about what they are or are not working on. Ok, i will play your game troll: Of course i cant be sure of what they are doing, but its not hard to guess when you focus on some project, you want to finish it before you start new one - that basically means, they ARE wasting resources, time and game's momentum continuing working on that bad idea. I could anticipate playerbase, modding community to come up with some cheap FPS game mode idea in game based on TD (same as people creating fps shooters on starcraft 2 engine trough map editor), but no, we have game develo
  10. While I'm sure there is some validity to this statement, you could argue that 100% of the customers bought the game because it's fun. Let them decide how to have their fun. CTF isn't being forced on you, and as far as we can tell the PVP balance changes are just changes that affect the PVP modes. If you're really put off with the way the game is headed you could always pick up the DDDK and start modding to your liking. Who knows, if your changes are well received they could even get incorporated into the actual game. Let me put it that way: I believe 90% of customers bought the game for
  11. I read it again now that I'm not so tired and it makes sense now :P but I'm sure it must be hard having to write something long in a language that isn't your first language. Its not hard to write it. Its hard to write it the way, that it would succesfully pass all the grammatic and syntax differences between languages properly. Im working on improving it ;) - Part of that work is writing such things without having to stress about making it a flawless translation.
  12. Still it woudlnt be a problem with only 2 teams. If either host leaves or is defeated it would bring same outcome: opposing team wins. :)
  13. I could barely stand to read the whole thing because of how poorly written it was... I understand English probably isn't his first language but that was just ridiculous. On Topic: I bought it because it was a hybrid of Third Person Mob Killing and Tower Defense. I'm sure they will get around to Tower based PVP soon, but right now they are releasing something the game was lacking. I do realise, that when i write something bigger in english just letting flow of my thoughts be streamed to the keyboard with the raw translation made on the fly, it might require some inteligence to go trough all
  14. Wow, didnt know i have invented a troll-magnet. Read the thread first before posting so childlish comments people. You really arent enlightnening me saying i can NOT play CTF mode, but you do miss the point entirely.
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