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  1. It seems that when you sell an item in your inventory, you must reload the inventory screen before the funds show the money despite the items disappearing from the inventory. Why is it that the monk can not use his abilities midair, while the apprentice and huntress can use theirs while airborne?
  2. The over the shoulder (Right) is what i used mostly. I preferred that method due to the camera being bound to the target reticle.
  3. I understand it isn't supported officially, but as a player who still avidly plays DD1, it is of course plugged in and on. I was just stating that the act of having the controller plugs in, supported or not, re-binds keyboard commands.
  4. Playverse Username Slappy00500 One Sentence Bug Description Xbox 360 controller connected re-maps keyboard & mouse keybinds Step by Step Instructions 1. Start Game with controller connected 2. Select Map / Class 3. Hit ESC on keyboard, nothing happens 4. Hit keybind for H.U.D. map, nothing happens 5. Hit start on controller, esc menu pops up 6. Hit LB on controller, H.U.D. map displays Further Details I've noticed another defense councilor stating about not being able to use their 360 controller, however even while using the keyboard / mouse, the key binds were
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