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  1. Better than any iv ever pulled. My best so far is just over 100:(
  2. I came on the forums after several months of gameplay when someone told me about the events and I stayed for the pluthera of desserts and beverages, though i still havnt got any yet:( COOKIEEEEE!!!!
  3. Very true nakhal, most of them will never even see their first 100^ weapon. Farming for as long as we do for any specific item is half the fun, but when you pull that first 100^ armor or 200^ weapon, it makes you wanna do it again and again. Those with the modded items have no objective other than getting to lvl 90. I see no reason for them to stay after that, hopefully :)
  4. I still have two or three 200+(with reload!) if anybody needs one. I'll b back on ps 2moro morn, just message me, we can work somethin out.
  5. I want to see that 311. I thought I had the best(294).
  6. Pottie you should see my tavern I'm a 100+ generic collected haha Would love to see them. Send invite sometime.
  7. Wow,there r some really nice weapons posted. I don't have any 200^ to speak of so..... The best I have pulled was 168^ shai, 126 flayer, 121 depth charge, 115 app guard, 107 imp, and my highest armor was 118 leather boots and 116 leather helmet. I do want to know if my mageblade with 110 is the highest or not. If anyone has higher, plz post it.
  8. I would like to see generics and other oddball weapons as well. Like the 103^ gen triple crossbow I pulled out of a chest or the 110 mageblade from glitter. Anybody else have high^ generics?
  9. wtf is an arronax? Do u even play dungeon defenders?
  10. Well, not sure but I think u start with wool ;)
  11. Mmmmmmm..... BACON!!!!! And welcome to the DD community!
  12. Would like to c what u do with a monk :)
  13. I think that there wouldn't b as many bans if people would quit pressing the moderators buttons. And no, I'm not a kiss ***. I just think if u keep it clean and think about what u write before u post it would b a little easier on everyone.
  14. I would offer suggestions but unfortunately I am a terrible builder lol. I too would like to see nakhals build. I am always up to try to learn new builds if u guys could link some other planners, that would be great. Thx and good luck on the afk build.
  15. I believe it was called etherial plate but not 4 sure, plz correct me if wrong.
  16. I feel so left out :( Standing here all alone, crysknife in hand waiting..waiting...waiting....
  17. Nice pulls. I like the 199 shai. And that 246 oculus is awesome. Don't know what the lvl cap is for 83 but that sounds pretty close :) Would like to see that shai sometime, just message me.psn pottiemouth
  18. I will see if I have something u could use in the morn. Don't have much but am willing to help. Message me 2moro and I'll let you know. psn pottiemouth
  19. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT IN GENERAL DISSCUSSION,, no offense to the hosts but just cuz you guys get events for free doesnt mean you have to make events ridiculous so ppl that get stuck in an unfortunate sitution dont get them i thought the events came back to have fun not be worried about if or if not am i (as in everyone) going to be getting this event.. not complaining im just trying to be help fellow defenders that should be awarded an event thats QUOTE "AMAZING" the chance to do so What, you haven't beat it yet? Chitty, thng, spot, and myself kikd its AZZZ!!!
  20. have u guys atleast tried it yet hmmmmmmmm ? really lol. we have made it into wave 7 many times but still havnt made it through. Hope we can figure it out, the item sounds very intriguing
  21. This is turning out to be pretty tough. Very challenging. Oh yeah I almost forgot, #&%$π€@!!!! :)
  22. Lol. Im just glad they are not knocking enemies towards the crystal :)
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