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  1. Better than any iv ever pulled. My best so far is just over 100:(
  2. I came on the forums after several months of gameplay when someone told me about the events and I stayed for the pluthera of desserts and beverages, though i still havnt got any yet:( COOKIEEEEE!!!!
  3. Very true nakhal, most of them will never even see their first 100^ weapon. Farming for as long as we do for any specific item is half the fun, but when you pull that first 100^ armor or 200^ weapon, it makes you wanna do it again and again. Those with the modded items have no objective other than getting to lvl 90. I see no reason for them to stay after that, hopefully :)
  4. I still have two or three 200+(with reload!) if anybody needs one. I'll b back on ps 2moro morn, just message me, we can work somethin out.
  5. I want to see that 311. I thought I had the best(294).
  6. Pottie you should see my tavern I'm a 100+ generic collected haha Would love to see them. Send invite sometime.
  7. Wow,there r some really nice weapons posted. I don't have any 200^ to speak of so..... The best I have pulled was 168^ shai, 126 flayer, 121 depth charge, 115 app guard, 107 imp, and my highest armor was 118 leather boots and 116 leather helmet. I do want to know if my mageblade with 110 is the highest or not. If anyone has higher, plz post it.
  8. I would like to see generics and other oddball weapons as well. Like the 103^ gen triple crossbow I pulled out of a chest or the 110 mageblade from glitter. Anybody else have high^ generics?
  9. wtf is an arronax? Do u even play dungeon defenders?
  10. Well, not sure but I think u start with wool ;)
  11. Mmmmmmm..... BACON!!!!! And welcome to the DD community!
  12. Would like to c what u do with a monk :)
  13. I think that there wouldn't b as many bans if people would quit pressing the moderators buttons. And no, I'm not a kiss ***. I just think if u keep it clean and think about what u write before u post it would b a little easier on everyone.
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