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  1. Choose for what? Need some context.
  2. When playing DD1, which view were you primarily in? Was it the over the shoulder(Left, Right, or Center)? Was the camera zoomed all the way in going into true 1st person? Or was the camera zoomed all the way out(aka isometric)?
  3. If you have to say where you would like to see all of this located, where would it be? Option 1 - The way it is currently in DD2. Option 2 - The way it used to be in DD2 as seen HERE. Option 3 - The way it was in DD1. Option 4 - Give me the ability to move it where I want and resize them? Option 5 - Give a good solid layout for the launch of game but give players a way to customize the UI to how they see fit. Option 6 - Other. Describe below.
  4. The Ace Of Spades - Motorhead Haha! The fun hath been doubled! Kansas - The Point Of Know Return
  5. I just made THIS thread. HERE is a different thread on the subject with how it is currently done. Would you like resist done the way DD1 was? Do you wanna see it left as it currently is in DD2? Wanna try the method I just suggested to Trendy?
  6. @Aurao That is Forgotten Ruins. That is my least favorite mainly due to how unpredictable it is. It is tooo unpredictable.
  7. I just like the openness of Greystone. Once the wyvern issue is solved it will be a very nice map. No blind spots with weird camera angles or anything.
  8. If you had to pick the map that you avoid playing, which would it be and why? What about that map drives you away from it? How can it be fixed?
  9. If you have to pick one map that you would choose over the others, which would it be and why? The are all great but which is the one that stands out to you the most? Which one brings you the most satisfaction?
  10. Do you like our new poll area? They won't get lost in all the chaos anymore. Oh and if you haven't voted on the existing polls already, go do it now!!!.
  11. LOL. He stole my formatting for spamming Dani. Good job though. LOL Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk 2
  12. PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE THE 3 THAT WERE PRIMARILY USED Out of curiosity, which classes was in everyone's hero deck in Playtest #7 and #8? Did you choose to do all tower heroes? Did you choose to do all DPS heroes? Choose a hybrid? Have 2 of the same hero in the hero deck? What is everyone's reasoning why they did what they did?
  13. Here you go again Dani. = ) Not sure all of these are bugs, but they are worth looking at. Playverse Username - Backinstabbin One Sentence Bug Description - Victory sound when starting a map Step by Step Instructions - Join a map and listen. It sounds like a victory sound. I might be wrong on that though. Media - Further Details - _______________________ Playverse Username - Backinstabbin One Sentence Bug Description - No enemy pathing Step by Step Instructions - Many of the starting waves I cannot see the pathing of any of the enemies. All the following waves I can see them.
  14. All of the old BETA keys from when it was the MOBA are void. The new game since the MOBA being scrapped is still in pre-alpha. In time there will be a BETA i am sure. HERE is a good way for you to try to get in if you are wanting to participate.
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