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  1. Not to nitpick, but I promise it's not random. Whatever it is, there's something that's in common (other than the obvious, that you're using frost towers) with all the times that it isn't working. What other towers are out? What types of enemies is it freezing when you get the brief flash of frosty power goodness? Is your apprentice the character that's out, your monk, or someone else? What difficulty is it on? Are the frost towers upgraded at all, and if not, does upgrading them make a difference? I get that you're frustrated - I would be too if my mainstay build was repeatedly broken
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but seismic slam does exactly 0 damage to the harbinger. Id understand him not being stunned since hes a boss, but immune? He has legs, and walks on the ground?
  3. Pretty sure I captured this appropriately. Take a look.
  4. I believe that's covered by number 20. If you don't agree, explain why it's different and i'll add it.
  5. I have to agree. Some of those I would classify as content, not QoL. I'll put the ones that i think aren't a content push into the top post and the poll, but things like rebalancing, changing loot drop tables, significant additional content in the taverns, and adding new mob types aren't really what this thread is for.
  6. It's a known issue - most of the large spheres are currently broken. I think isom said there's a patch targeted for tomorrow for a fix?
  7. haha thanks. Was more interested in how to use it to do an evolving poll. Ended up choosing google forms instead of strawpoll, because I can add items to it after the poll is released. I'll clean up the thread in a minute.
  8. Huh, sorry i didn't see this until I was done. Can you point me to directions on how to do that, for the future? :D
  9. Yeah, that occurred to me right before i hit "post," but it was too late at night for me to care too much. I'll space them out into individual posts after work today.
  10. Best guess is that you haven't finished the campaign quests yet. Open your journal (j) and take a look at your quests. IIRC, one of them is to hit level 50 in order to unlock nightmare mode, but there's some other silly ones in there like "go talk to the petrinarian" or "get a free sphere from the gran masta" that you have to do before you can move on
  11. Recent patches have been a plethora of new content. New incursions, new heroes, new items, etc. While all the new content is great, I (for one) would be interested in slowing down the content push in order to make a series of QOL improvements. This thread is <intended> to be a place for everyone on the forums to (briefly) state what QOL improvements are burning in their minds the most. I'm not looking for a list of bugs here - that's for another thread. Please limit your responses to suggestions for QOL improvements, and rather than fill up the thread with a large number of "Yeah, I
  12. It's not super-obvious, but you can create a NM4 game at any time with any iPWR. You just have to edit the Min iPWR box in the create-game menu. You can even set it to 0, if you want. You definitely don't require iPWR 700 to complete NM4 maps though.
  13. Not super workable, since you can powerlevel a person to max level in a couple hours if you're not working hard at it.
  14. Toxic post is toxic. Not that we won't read your opinions (yes, everything you wrote there is an opinion), but when you write them in the tone of voice and verbage you did, we are less likely to do anything to take you seriously. Can you try being constructive instead of just bashing whoever you're mad at today? I'm 100% sure that your post could have been written to get your point across without being phrased as an attack.
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