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  1. Not to nitpick, but I promise it's not random. Whatever it is, there's something that's in common (other than the obvious, that you're using frost towers) with all the times that it isn't working. What other towers are out? What types of enemies is it freezing when you get the brief flash of frosty power goodness? Is your apprentice the character that's out, your monk, or someone else? What difficulty is it on? Are the frost towers upgraded at all, and if not, does upgrading them make a difference? I get that you're frustrated - I would be too if my mainstay build was repeatedly broken by bugs. Help yourself to help the devs by asking these questions - statements to the devs like "it happens at random" tends to move bugs to the bottom of their list, because they don't have a place to start. Sometimes they can't even reproduce it on their end. On the other hand, you could also take this as an opportunity to work out some other builds while your go-to is broken. I personally do griblok without any frost towers - i only use barricades, heavy cannonballs, and PDT for air. IMO, heavy cannonballs are one of those defenses that are disparaged heavily on the forums because people don't understand how to use them. If placed properly, their damage output is....unfairly high.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but seismic slam does exactly 0 damage to the harbinger. Id understand him not being stunned since hes a boss, but immune? He has legs, and walks on the ground?
  3. Pretty sure I captured this appropriately. Take a look.
  4. I believe that's covered by number 20. If you don't agree, explain why it's different and i'll add it.
  5. I have to agree. Some of those I would classify as content, not QoL. I'll put the ones that i think aren't a content push into the top post and the poll, but things like rebalancing, changing loot drop tables, significant additional content in the taverns, and adding new mob types aren't really what this thread is for.
  6. It's a known issue - most of the large spheres are currently broken. I think isom said there's a patch targeted for tomorrow for a fix?
  7. haha thanks. Was more interested in how to use it to do an evolving poll. Ended up choosing google forms instead of strawpoll, because I can add items to it after the poll is released. I'll clean up the thread in a minute.
  8. Huh, sorry i didn't see this until I was done. Can you point me to directions on how to do that, for the future? :D
  9. Yeah, that occurred to me right before i hit "post," but it was too late at night for me to care too much. I'll space them out into individual posts after work today.
  10. Best guess is that you haven't finished the campaign quests yet. Open your journal (j) and take a look at your quests. IIRC, one of them is to hit level 50 in order to unlock nightmare mode, but there's some other silly ones in there like "go talk to the petrinarian" or "get a free sphere from the gran masta" that you have to do before you can move on
  11. Recent patches have been a plethora of new content. New incursions, new heroes, new items, etc. While all the new content is great, I (for one) would be interested in slowing down the content push in order to make a series of QOL improvements. This thread is <intended> to be a place for everyone on the forums to (briefly) state what QOL improvements are burning in their minds the most. I'm not looking for a list of bugs here - that's for another thread. Please limit your responses to suggestions for QOL improvements, and rather than fill up the thread with a large number of "Yeah, I agree" posts, let's use this poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfoyiphgdSHe9vL6UJpRkORskJdt2Yg0jUqNHPij7mXUY-qug/viewform To avoid the pain of making you log in, I didn't put any kind of multiple response controls on it. Please try to be an adult. If you see a new item on the list that you want to vote for, submit another response with just that item, rather than your whole wishlist again. I'll periodically try to come back and edit the suggestions into the first post, and the poll. As the list gets longer, I might organize it by topic rather than chronologically. You may notice I reword/paraphrase some of your suggestions. If my rephrasing loses the point of your suggestion, send me a PM and i'll fix it. I'll start us off with a few. The first several have my name on them because they were part of my original list, but I've likely picked up some/all of them over the course of the past year by reading the forums. I simply don't have the patience to go dig through the forums to appropriately assign credit. 1) Remove need to set an iPwr requirement when creating private games <StretchyAlien> 2) If one of the characters in my active hero deck meets the iPwr requirement to join a game, don't make me close the menu, switch to that character, and then re-load the game list <StretchyAlien> 3) Sorting/reordering of the hero cards <StretchyAlien> 4) Return to tavern should return you to either the public tavern or the private tavern, depending on which one you joined the game from <StretchyAlien> 5) Allow the rest of the group to stay in-game (replay) if one person in the group returns to tavern, unless they're in a party <StretchyAlien> 6) Allow auto-collect to be customized further. I should be able to choose "Mythical and Legendary" or even "worn and legendary" to be auto collected in a single bag. Perhaps change each type to a checkbox, rather than a dropdown? Additionally, break out the pet-related and non-gear items into better categories (eg. I don't want to grab lockboxes, but i do want pet food) <StretchyAlien> 7) Allow auto-sell of items on the ground that aren't covered by auto-collect settings, or add a hotkey to directly sell an item from the ground <StretchyAlien> 8) Remove horde waves, or drastically revamp them for onslaught. it can easily take 20 minutes for all 3 waves in a horde round. <StretchyAlien> 9) Allow onslaught to be started from a higher wave than 0, if the player has previously cleared said wave. <StretchyAlien> 10) After the splash screen for "what's new" has been shown to me once (per patch/update) on entry to the tavern, don't put it in front of my face any more times <StretchyAlien> 11) Upgrade wheel is still painfully slow to use. Reduce the click-spam required to get through all the animations. <StretchyAlien> 12) Widen the tower display - it clearly doesn't have space for as many digits as we are achieving (eg. Damage Dealt) 13) Allow us to manipulate stacks of items. Especially food - I'd like to be able to combine my stack of 3 fish with my stack of 4 fish, rather than simply switch where the two stacks are in my bag. <StretchyAlien> 14) Allow character renaming <Jojozityjo> 15) Stack sizes should be increased. Materials go to 99, but food only to 10? <Jojozityjo> 16) Allow an "unsort" option in case the sort is accidentally triggered <Jojozityjo> 17) Make the inventory screen bigger/longer/etc so that more than one bag can be seen at a time. Will also facilitate moving items from one bag to another without having to drop the item on the bag icon to the left. <Jojozityjo> 18) During build phase, allow us to have f1-f12 mapped to heroes, since the 4-card deck is irrelevant during build phase <Chedeuine, g_cracka88> 19) Alternatively, or in addition to, sorting/reordering the hero cards, allow a way to favorite heroes so they appear on the first page <gotrunks712> 20) overhaul on tower inspection pane in a big way. All relevant stats (including passives) should be visible on a player's towers so that other players know it's there. <geo981010> 21) Saving of build templates to speed up tedious builds on maps and reduce downtime for non-builder players. <geo981010> *StretchyAlien comment - take a look at supreme commander for an excellent example of what this looks like when it's well done* 22) Remove "waiting for players" when starting a private game. Especially remove it on subsequent replays in that same private game. <Pegazul> 23) Add a flying training dummy to the tavern, so that we can distinguish in-tavern between defenses that hit ground, air, or both <Hom-Sha-Bom> 24) Add a bulk input (5 or 50 at a time) to upgrade points on items, similar to what's on SAS points to avoid future carpal tunnel. <SirKillsALot> 25) Allow us to oil/freeze/ignite the training dummies so that we can see combos in the tavern <StretchyAlien> 26) Search/filter/sort feature that applies across bags, instead of limited to per-bag <CKaz> 27) Rework color scheme for text on top of colored bars for readability (DU remaining, defense health, etc) <mindlessdefender, SirKillsALot> 28) Ability to "lock" items so they can't be accidentally sold <KnowsNoLimits> 29) Item buyback interface <KnowsNoLimits> 30) Remove the need to store up large amounts of garbage loot (taking up valuable bag space and exacerbating all the other inventory management issues) for upgrading. Perhaps item upgrades should only require gold/medals/XP boost items? <KnowsNoLimits> 31) Various and Sundry (TM) goblin-related easter eggs, because reasons. <dreamanime> 32) More available max bag space, perhaps tied to number of character cards or unique hero classes owned <A2152225> 33) Hero deck overlay - some kind of a simple pane that sits on the screen during build/combat that shows what heroes are attached to what hero deck slots, to prevent accidentally grabbing the wrong one at a critical moment because you've forgotten that you recently reordered your deck <offroadxpipe, g_cracka88> 34) add an indicator on traps for detonation range, as well as trigger range <Hom-Sha-Bom> 35) Allow tabbing between input fields in the create game menu <Dreizehn> 36) Wheel-style interface for callouts/defenses (like DD1?) to be more controller-friendly 37) Show the name of the currently active hero near his health bar - will cut down on accidentally building with DPSers if the have the same outfit <StretchyAlien> Cheers -Stretch
  12. It's not super-obvious, but you can create a NM4 game at any time with any iPWR. You just have to edit the Min iPWR box in the create-game menu. You can even set it to 0, if you want. You definitely don't require iPWR 700 to complete NM4 maps though.
  13. Not super workable, since you can powerlevel a person to max level in a couple hours if you're not working hard at it.
  14. Toxic post is toxic. Not that we won't read your opinions (yes, everything you wrote there is an opinion), but when you write them in the tone of voice and verbage you did, we are less likely to do anything to take you seriously. Can you try being constructive instead of just bashing whoever you're mad at today? I'm 100% sure that your post could have been written to get your point across without being phrased as an attack.
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