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  1. Oh I thought u had to have a team.guess not thanks rangerz can't wait!!!:):) Any idea when item will shown tonight or an hour before event
  2. Haha I know Ez ur there just in case I don't find anyone by tomorrow
  3. Alright nahkal and Ez said they would so I guess that will be awesome what day are y'all on
  4. Since I couldn't come up with a team I guess I'm out of this weeks event good luck to all!!!:)
  5. I have no one to team up with on this weeks event any takers
  6. Ok I guess it's my bad for not knowing all the times bc when I messeged you it was 8:36 in Alabama so I'm guessing I'm an hour earlier then gamerjunkeeee so I'm sorry
  7. Ok thank you rangerz messege me at dreyhaven14 won't be back from school till like 3:00
  8. I messeged gamerjunkeeee at8:36 p.m. And he did not respond and I also messeged you ranger and the other guy that kindly offered his help kitrider383 So I don't see why it can't just be one more day for the ones that weren't able to make around y'all's scheldule
  9. Well I wasn't able to get a team together that's not my fault I think I still should get a chance I mean for real that's not even fair
  10. Me and my team of rangerz-Bert and kitrider383 as not done my redemtion pls help us
  11. Ok guys thanks could u host gamerjunkeeee I'm online now
  12. Could someone well actually I need three people to help me in my redemption on last weeks event because I can't find anyone to help just post your psn Id and ill messege you
  13. Anyone willing to trade a good squire wep for 78 I would be thankful. just tell me how many upgrades and ill make you a good deal
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