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  1. Might be an ip thing. Possible work around connect to different internet connections. Try using phone as hotspot for the switch. Not ideal but something you could try
  2. There will never be a real end game unless they redo how loot drops. At the moment loot is a progressive drop system. Play long enough and if you know the clunky and unintuitive drop system you will get end game stats. Collect enough tokens and have a mule with end game blue ilvl gear you can get end game weapons...there is no surprise or suspense in the way we obtain gear and weapons. The number one reason why my friends and I farmed dd1 was for weapons. Sure having a leader board is nice, but what is the point? For your effort what do you get? Bragging rights? In my opinion get rid of the w
  3. One quick fix they can do is limit these hard counter mobs. Only a single hard counter enemy can spawn per wave/ every 2nd wave. It will be up to the player to actively seek that single enemy out and kill them. If they do it this way they can just make this enemy a mini boss. This kinda already happens in chaos 5 where I noticed a single geode spawns on wave 4 or was that a bug...
  4. Keep the good updates coming. You need to gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette. You've broken quite a few so I expect a good omelette. Thoughts on the siege roller. Instead of instant kill ground defenses just make it consume charges/health of said ground defense. So having high health ground defenses is a thing, maybe.
  5. Those reflection spheres might not necessarily need melee to be destroyed. Ideally anything within the reflective perimeter wont be reflected, anything outside will be reflected. TBH it is too early to have complaints about the reflective mechanic when it hasn't even been released yet.
  6. The 1% drop chance isn't locked at the passives themselves but the item rarity. Meaning a common shard would have an upgrade of only 10, where as the rare 1% drop will have an upgrade of 25. Both shards would have the same passives. So theoretically you should be able to obtain the passives your after, but getting the best version of that passive will be hard and what end game players will be farming for.
  7. Having 1 character do the job of 3 characters might not be good for Trendy..........Costumes. TBH I dont mind having 1 builder monk and 1 dps monk. Its when you start having 3 builder monks and 2 dps monks who all specialize in different paths it starts getting annoying.
  8. Kind of disappointed because when I first proposed the idea of a tank it was an ogre driving it. I guess a goblin driving it is ok. XD good to see it implemented.
  9. 1. For me end game is farming for perfect gear/best gear. It is the reason why I continue playing a game even though I have completed every level and every challenge. 2. I can say I am disappointed because they never mentioned removing passives from armor. They mention what they are doing with gear: Improved Item Generation Smart Loot System with Hero Specific GearNo where does it mention removing passives from gear. The last point indicates they are still keeping the passives. There has been numerous discussions on why passives tied to gear is less than ideal. If they bring in trading it co
  10. Disappointed they are not reworking passives on armor. The tightly coupled passives on armor is whats ruining end game for me. End game is about farming for best in slot loot. At the moment yes you can farm for BIS but its just not rewarding. When a legendary item drops it should be filled with excitement not "I wonder if this is vendor trash?". A socket system would work well, as suggested numerous times before.
  11. If I had a choice between an ipwr 700 mythical and legendary, and they both had exactly the same stats and passives. Which one would I want? I know I would want the legendary. Subconsciously I link legendary to being the best. Once I have my characters all wearing legendary gear I feel there isn't much else to do. Even though there is ipwr 750 legendaries, they're still just legendaries. They don't feel special. For me, comparing 2 legendary items 700 vs 750 ipwr I feel im not missing out on much. Sure the 750 has a few more stats, but its still just a legendary item. Maybe its just a psycholo
  12. One of the issues I feel with loot is that maps have high chance/guarantee chance to drop the best tier/quality loot. Once every character is geared in legendary gear you're pretty much completed the game and have that feeling of nothing else to do. You can farm betsy or harbinger for weapons with guaranteed legendary drops. Compare that with dd1 akatiti, and old one. Did you have a guaranteed chance of ultimate? no. I believe that's what made me continuously farm those maps. If a supreme dropped i'd be happy, if an ultimate dropped nice, if an ultimate+ dropped omg, and if it was an ultimate
  13. I also made a post about this a while ago which was lost in the activity feed due to a spammer. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/132857/legendary-loot-reroll-passives-at-upgrade-wheel
  14. It appears the new squires sword allows the squire to attack just like the AL....In the end melee is still weak. The squire is now a close ranged caster. It would be nice to fix melee dps properly. Nothing beats swinging a huge ass melee weapon, and not having to worry about the step forward mechanic :S
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