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  1. My collections state that I have completed all prime incursions. I got vicious strikes, but mass destruction did not pop. Can we look into it, please? Edit: I redid a couple of maps and it randomly gave it to me.. It would seem that if you have reset during the prime incursions, you might want to attempt a few maps and see what happens.
  2. Stop implying that I made a mistake on my part. I didn't, and I'm not going to repeat myself on that. I've made a support ticket, and I expected it to be looked at three days ago. Apparently, that's a tall order. PM me your ticket number and I'll check in with the Community Support team. Sometimes we get slammed with tickets and the turn around can vary. Anything? Because this is going on for day 5 now. I'd really like to get back to playing.
  3. Stop implying that I made a mistake on my part. I didn't, and I'm not going to repeat myself on that. I've made a support ticket, and I expected it to be looked at three days ago. Apparently, that's a tall order.
  4. I made a mistake? Yeah nah. I'm perfectly entitled to use the inventory system the way that's expected to work. I mean, there should be safety nets for this kind of thing, seeing as they've known about it for years and haven't fixed the issue. It doesn't matter that I've known about it. It isn't my problem, after all. Perhaps they should have done something about it when they were told to, rather than ignore players to a point where they just left and moved on. Investors can get on their knees, and kiss my rear. They are unimportant. I've tried being polite and patient with Trendy throug
  5. Wow, STILL no reply. This is amazing. Like, the player base is not that big... you're not THAT busy.. Almost four days now, and you haven't touched my support ticket or responded to any of my emails. It's such an easy fix as well... It would take me less than five minutes to resolve. - Check player's inventory and shard slots and realize that it's not there. - Check the player's Mastery star count and realize that I've gotten the shard before. - Spawn another one in the player's inventory and then respond to player's email to let them know that you've done this. It really is that simpl
  6. Cool, so you're going to make me wait 2+ days to actually respond to my support ticket. Like, that's kind of unacceptable, Trendy. Is it really that difficult to give me an actual response, bar the automated one that tells me you're "looking into it"? Because you're obviously not trying very hard, since all you really need to do is restore my hyper shard that was lost through a flaw in your inventory system. Stop ignoring my forum posts, and stop ignoring my emails. Pull your finger out and hurry up.
  7. I've gone through absolutely every one of them. It's gone.
  8. I was doing a hero deck cleanout/revamp, and whilst I was deleting heros, some of my shards and my vicious strikes hyper shard have now vanished from my inventory. I've checked all heros, all bags and it's simply gone. There's nothing in the scavenger and there's no way to get another. The shard was a staple for some of my builds, and I would like it back, please. Thanks.
  9. It'd definitely give me a reason to use vicious strikes on something else, since it's almost a given that you'd use it on the tree because the range can be abysmal with just a Deadly Strikes shard on it. Put the Gambit in the left column of the ascension panel, as it seems to be missing a tile. While we're taking this opportunity to talk about Dryad related stuff, I thought I'd promote my idea as well, which is: Can we also look into her towers? I mean, the A.I needs looking at. I've had 3-4 hornets and slimes and they do well. (Don't nerf them, Trendy..) and the enemies just walk throu
  10. I think ICE already answered your question. Sydney server once had a lot of traffic, but that is no longer the case. I think this game is struggling right now, with some 1200 peak players, most of them situated in EU or US so they are trying to save money where they can. Maybe they´ll get another Sydney server, if/when player numbers go up noticably, so let´s hope endgame in December blows up huge, and makes people return to DD2. My concern was whether or not it'll be coming back. If they have no intention of returning the server, then I'm just going to move on to other titles and not was
  11. So, I've yet to hear anything from Trendy about whether or not we're going to get an Oceanic server. I simply cannot compete with other players at 250+ ping. Everyone else gets near perfect response times from the server, whereas I have to jut around, fail challenges and restart maps 10+ times, etc. Why should everyone else get perfect response times, but not me or anyone else in affected regions?
  12. I've barely noticed any difference. There isn't much to appreciate when your ping is 250+
  13. Okay, so not to be condescending or rude, here is why distance matters: If you need to connect to a server, the further away it is, the farther the data needs to travel back and forth from you to the server. This is what latency is. It's why you get higher latency when you connect to servers that are further away from you. I live in Australia. If I connect to US West or European servers, I'm going to get a latency of 250+. Try a game like CS:GO or PubG. Try connecting to a server which gives you 250+ ping, try playing on it and then come back here and tell me you don't notice a difference.
  14. It was located in Sydney, actually. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but they settled on Sydney AFAIK. Also, please elaborate on what you mean by "when it's gone, it's gone". I'm not going to simply forget it. They owe me and many other people an explanation as to why, because I want to know whether I need to uninstall this game or not. The cliff hanger is really killing me.
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