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  1. What I (and possibly a lot of other people, including those I know) would really love to see, is the adaption or removal of lab assault. IMO the loot the map rewards is way too good, given how easy it is. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of the game, as in making it to high waves by building good defenses, by just allowing people to abuse an obvious glitch and end up with better items most of the time with way less effort. It's just very counterintuitive. Either the glitch or the loot should be adapted.
  2. Hello, basically I'm looking for 2 sets as stated in the title. I just got my monk and huntress to 78 after deciding I want to solo some content, and I could now use some solid sets for them. I'm not looking for some insanely good stuff, just some solid and affordable sets which will bring them on a good level to run moonbase / volcano etc. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I got the sets i needed with some awesome help from Atlas! Thanks everyone!
  3. Could you be more specific as to the issues with balance you see? I think the stat development towards mythical is very natural and understandable, because you start out with items which give like +5 tower stats, and you end up with mythicals, which give around 200-300. This is already a big jump, but it still feels okish. However, as soon as you hit transcendent and upwards, as well as you gain access to treadmill pets, the stats just feel way too overloaded. Having 800 or 900 on a stat is just too much. You can't just push the stats upwards for 200 points every new "difficulty" you master,just to have some kind of progression. It just feels like these numbers are just made to be super big, but it just kind of loses the natural form of progression you experience for the first 70 levels into the game. It just blows up too quickly, and if it spirals out of control like this I think it's pretty hard to leave some space for future progression levels, some kind of power creep so to say. Also, the difference between transcendent and ultimate is often not even noticeable. I just think trans should start out lower, so you actually feel like there is a real gap in the last few item tier levels.
  4. I hope this won't mess with items we have laying on the floor :)
  5. I guess the most needed update would be rebalancing items up from mythical, it is getting way out of hand at that point. Other than that I'd really like to see DDE maps, private loot and maybe some more reward for teamplay, which is not really rewarded right now. Thanks for keeping this game alive!
  6. Jester was always the counterpart to barbarian to me as he was rather swift and on range while barbarian was heavy and strong in terms of melee fights. I doubt he would be op in pvp
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