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  1. For anyone experiencing this same thing file a ticket here https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I had no luck finding this on the mobile site so maybe it will help you out.
  2. I somewhat agree with you but I don't believe it always come down to people being greedy. I've seen plenty of terrible builds. I think the majority of the time it comes down to them not knowing. There seems to be a lack of communication as well. The PS4 comes with a mic, yet I find I'm typically the only one with mine on. I mean there is no point in lvl 8 wasting half the defense units surrounding the main objective with electric auras when there 3 other things that need to be protected and there is a lvl 20 monk in the lobby with far superior towers . That one made me laugh a bit. But
  3. Since I posted this in the PS4 forums I figured I didn't need to mention this was on console but I'll add that my request # is 14417
  4. So I was playing free play with a friend yesterday. He went to start a match and before I could choose to stay in social or join it brought me with him. When we got into the match, up comes the screen to create a character. Thinking that if I cancelled it it would just load in my character only to be brought back to the main menu where it again gave me the create a character screen again. So I created another huntress, get to social tavern to find that the only thing I have is the huntress I just created. All my items, my characters, gems, ect. All gone. Now before any of you think wipe
  5. Anyone making the switch and needing help add me on steam. My id is in my signature.
  6. How does this game run on Mac? My Macbook Pro meets all the system requirements, but I was hoping to hear from someone with firsthand experience. I can't tell you first hand but I know of people running on Mac with no problems. You may get some lag with the newer DLCs but I think anyone without a supercomputer has that happen.
  7. DD the game is now 75% off for the next 6 hours. The DLC however is still 50%. Although the Defender collection is 75% off so all the DLCs are included in that except tinkers lab.
  8. DD and all the DLC is currently on sale for 50% off on steam until June 30th. It is also currently in one of the two groups you can vote on, along with Risk of Rain, Magicka, and Castle Crashers for community choice sale which could bring that to 75% off. If that group wins (or won depending on when your reading this) I believe it will only be 75% off for 8 hours. So for anyone who doesn't have all the DLC this would be the time to get them.
  9. Well put jun. It was fun while it lasted. Although maybe Trendy can bring ps3 back online with Playverse. For those who have made it to pc, I'm on there. Same name. For those who haven't, hopefully DD2 makes it to console and we'll play again on there.
  10. He is on xbox. . But to make sure this doesn't happen never upgrade ur charge speed pass 100.. I believe the highest u can have it b4 100 is 98 Guess I need to read more carefully
  11. So I finished upgrading my 154 oculus lastnight and it had 221 charge speed and I was doing over 1.1 million dps with it I played a couple games of orge crush and was 2 hitting everything on insain + then shut my xbox off and went to sleep and now it has -21 charge speed all other stats are the same but now my max dps is 400k it's garbage from what it was I don't understand how this happend all I did was log off is there any way to get it back the way it was really disappointed by this game right now has something like this ever happen to anyone else If you have ps+ and your uploaded save f
  12. You can always start on wave 8 after you gotten that far
  13. I would be able to help you but I'm not sure I can. Since you said GMT I'm guessing you have a euro psn account, unless you have a North America account I think we'd be on different servers
  14. And there will probably be no more updates for dd1 on console so just what u got now
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