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  1. Rlly trendy y did u shut the online down now I rlly don't want to play dd sleepy head lol
  2. I bought this game and all the dlcs on my laptop over a year ago, but laptop took a dump so I can't even resort to that :/ local games forever! Sent from a local game. i dont even have a PC lol
  3. the sad thing is , that no 1 warning us about the servers shut down before it happens , we would be able to play for the last time whit our friends :(
  4. Yeah, cloud u r a good guy and best friend,,,, but in the bright side we know each other now we will meet in DD2 which makes us a strong community.. Sure I'm feeling sad, but I remember the good times in DD. N wen we farm or u get up 1st 200 weapons. All of these count :) I thought I will reach my goal before this happens. Which getting 200^ arronax. :p Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk yea ill like to see that arronax
  5. Cloud don't blame trendy dear, sometimes we have to let go, they offer us DD n we became a. Family n I'm so happy to be with this community best ever Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk yea well i always say what i think not trying to offend anyone im just being honest
  6. they dont deserve players like us
  7. i invite all my riends in Burj Alkhalifa in Dubai, to do a farewell party for DD //^_^ what u think guys? ohh yea that would be nice i need a lot of alcohol if u want me there lol
  8. Alternatively, you guys can get a 360 and play with us. A good option for those who don't want to shell out the $400+ to spend on a PC. that would be sweet but unfortunately im on ps3 since day 1 all my favorite game r on ps only
  9. There...now it's perfect. Mr Jumbao forgot about u sorry , thx 4 that mentor u give me was fun meet u
  10. LAN PARTY, MY HOUSE!!! LOL That would be nice if we were all closer together. its very difficult to me cross the border u know lol
  11. Im going pc... see you there my friends I spent 2.5 hours upgrading a donkey kong I cant use anymore ^ this LMAO Ez
  12. Never have gamed on a PC and doubt I will begin. I started out with the Atari 2600 and worked my way through the years to ps3, although my sons would be the ones gaming as I spectated. never play on pc to , lets see if i can lol
  13. I'm going to PC too, coz I can't imagine my day without DD, but it'll miss my all friends and my sisters :( Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk probably im goin to, hope soon
  14. ohh well looks like the day everyone fear its here DD its over ill like to say good bye to all my friends & people i meet here , play , trade , or even fight lol , was really fun a very interesting experience , i meet awesome players & most important awesome persons , here we go hope i dont forget someone ill try to make the list on order from when i start was nice play whit u : RH ALTAMIRA , Mexican007, Uncle Vern , Alek Trevelyan , YU GI OH Omega , Joshy-la-chata , QueenSolMarie , REY ENDIMION , Lorenzote , Jaditz , hollow deity , juggernaut225 , pottiemouth , ktis 13 ,bestly10
  15. I took it on the chin sometime between when I signed off yesterday morning and when I tried to get on this morning. Is there anyone in Trendy who knew about this and could've let us know that the multiplayer was going terminal? Think about all the people who still who haven't discovered this game or who just got it.....no multiplayer. This game has so much replay value that I could play it offline, but this game plays so much better when friends can join. cloud, did you have another heart attack yet? Was it poopshart who was going to throw a fit about something in a previous thread? LO
  16. thank 4 the warning !! u guys forget that the players are the soul of a game ? .l.
  17. i was online this day but at 5 pm i die, i live in mexico
  18. First cod4 servers now dd bad week man... yea ill like to thank TRENDY & the moderators who knew this for give us to the harcore players a warning so we can say goodbye at least to our friends , GOOD JOB GUYS !!!
  19. Still alive here! Just looked 5 hosting, 4 pinging green and 1 red. hang in there buddy i already die , save yourself ......... RUNN! XD
  20. Dungeon Defenders on the PS3 was built on GameSpy technology. GameSpy shut down in December 2012. Every game that was built on GameSpy technology was shut down during this time, but GameSpy gave some companies extensions, including our company. From what we can gather, that extension period is now over. This means that online connectivity for Dungeon Defenders on the PS3 is no longer available. We're incredibly sorry about this. If you're affected by this, please contact us at [email]support@trendyent.com[/email] thnx for the warning -_-..... anyway i still can play
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