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  1. Rlly trendy y did u shut the online down now I rlly don't want to play dd sleepy head lol
  2. I bought this game and all the dlcs on my laptop over a year ago, but laptop took a dump so I can't even resort to that :/ local games forever! Sent from a local game. i dont even have a PC lol
  3. the sad thing is , that no 1 warning us about the servers shut down before it happens , we would be able to play for the last time whit our friends :(
  4. Yeah, cloud u r a good guy and best friend,,,, but in the bright side we know each other now we will meet in DD2 which makes us a strong community.. Sure I'm feeling sad, but I remember the good times in DD. N wen we farm or u get up 1st 200 weapons. All of these count :) I thought I will reach my goal before this happens. Which getting 200^ arronax. :p Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk yea ill like to see that arronax
  5. Cloud don't blame trendy dear, sometimes we have to let go, they offer us DD n we became a. Family n I'm so happy to be with this community best ever Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk yea well i always say what i think not trying to offend anyone im just being honest
  6. they dont deserve players like us
  7. i invite all my riends in Burj Alkhalifa in Dubai, to do a farewell party for DD //^_^ what u think guys? ohh yea that would be nice i need a lot of alcohol if u want me there lol
  8. Alternatively, you guys can get a 360 and play with us. A good option for those who don't want to shell out the $400+ to spend on a PC. that would be sweet but unfortunately im on ps3 since day 1 all my favorite game r on ps only
  9. There...now it's perfect. Mr Jumbao forgot about u sorry , thx 4 that mentor u give me was fun meet u
  10. LAN PARTY, MY HOUSE!!! LOL That would be nice if we were all closer together. its very difficult to me cross the border u know lol
  11. Im going pc... see you there my friends I spent 2.5 hours upgrading a donkey kong I cant use anymore ^ this LMAO Ez
  12. Never have gamed on a PC and doubt I will begin. I started out with the Atari 2600 and worked my way through the years to ps3, although my sons would be the ones gaming as I spectated. never play on pc to , lets see if i can lol
  13. I'm going to PC too, coz I can't imagine my day without DD, but it'll miss my all friends and my sisters :( Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk probably im goin to, hope soon
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