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  1. I got a 119 mail helm for level 90 for 360 Gt:HypeBeragrease
  2. I am a big fan of kwee and my times with kwee are fun my gamtag is. Gt: HypeBeargrease
  3. If you got a crysknife with 160-210 for 83 i will trade something for it and it must have tower damage and health. For contact. My Gamertag is: HypeBeargrease
  4. We are playing Death of Above xbox(Ramparts) You can only use your Monks towers. Only Monks and Squires are allowed to use in the game and we are play on Insane. If you win you get 2 Jumbos with 35 ups or more. My Gamertag if you want to ask any questions is: HypeBeargrease I hope to get 10 or more posts back. it would be such a pleasure. The reason i am who i am today is the kwee. You should like kwee he is a hard working man. So i would not hate kwee. Last thing do not bug kwee and if you use mods you are out of the event.
  5. Gt:HypeBeargrease My second event im happy to do events
  6. GT:HypeBeargrease and i hope to see what is up in the event
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