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  1. I turned VSync off when I started the game for the first time before even joining a game.
  2. Well for most of the people it is probably gonna be fine with them but it should be possible to increase it beyond what it is right now. I haven't seen many games where the mouse sensitivity is on highest by default o.o I have wrists issues and this is troublesome =/
  3. I installed the game and the sensitivity was at the highest possible by default but it is way too low. My sensitivity isn't low outside the game. Is there a way to increase the mouse sensitivity beyond the default maximum? I looked for a config file to edit it but didn't find any.
  4. Also the amount of keys you have should scale with the number of players who are in, meaning if there are 4 players and 8 chests, everyone gets 2 keys. If you are just 2 player and 8 chests, everyone gets 4 keys. I would say this could work out really well and does not limit your building too much. It's the first thing that comes to mind, it would fix the mana problem when playing with fewer players, the only problem is people joining in would have no keys for a round.
  5. Well, that's probably intentional. Because it's an online game with centralized servers, for logistical reasons it is in their best interest to promote co-op as much as possible. Remember unlike DD1 this game is only online. I have mixed feelings about it, but I also understand that their promotion of the game is entirely focused on it being co-op, unlike in DD1 where they touted that you could play either alone or with friends. So you at least can't have people saying "they advertised single player but you cant beat it single player!" The way keys work right now wouldn't make them ''save'' or earn more money. Making it harder for you to play solo isn't a good thing.
  6. Good in concept, but definitely needs some refinement. First, remove this for solo play. Make 'solo' a separate join/gameplay option, ensuring that other players can not enter a solo game, thus abusing the system. Second, make additional keys a low % drop during each wave, adding a bit of randomness. Lastly, allow us to unlock or otherwise purchase additional permanent Keys. The ''hide match'' options or hosting privately both already served the purpose of preventing people from joining your games if you didn't want them to. I hope you don't mean buying keys through the cash shop as this would be kind of pay2win.
  7. Also didn't know about Shift. I was guessing being able to see the towers stats using ''e'' wasn't added yet. But this need to be added back for sure. Also we should be able to see the repair/upgrade/build status on the UI and not just next to the tower, so can know when it has completed if we are not looking at the tower anymore while it is updating.
  8. I wanted to start streaming with DD2. I was fearing my computer wouldn't be good enough for DD2 so I was thinking about getting a new one to run it fine and also be able to stream but since I've been running the game just fine in the playtests I guess I'll save myself 2k$ and wait a few more years. :P Anyway, that's nice from Trendy to allow us to stream the pre-alpha.
  9. Windex

    Drop Mana

    The keybind doesn't show up but I discovered it is indeed the closing square bracket to drop your defense mana ']'. Oh well.. I guess I missed it spamming all the keys, figured out the hard way what pressing ''L'' did. It kills yourself.. =/ Anyway it needs to be changed to something else, like ''T'' for tower, ASAP.
  10. I also thought about the idea of having extra rewards for completing/defending alternative objectives. I played 4 games yesterday and beat the map 3 times. We failed the first one trying to defend all 3 spots and I won all other 3 only defending the main gate lock. There need to be a bigger incentive for achieving side objectives. I don't like the idea of stacks posted above though, seems too complicated/confusing for the more casual players.
  11. I was very disappointed by the Apprentice projectiles. This is only pre-alpha and characters are weapon-less but I thought the projectiles were too small and the effects/reactions when hitting something were disappointing.
  12. I'm still trying to decide if I'd like the resource bars to be all in the same spot or split up like they are now, but I'd almost say I wish they were all together so I can just look to one spot in the corner and see everything. Also I didn't notice any defense limits but they seemed to die easier than in DD1 too so I was wondering if they're only limited by mana now (which seems to be more scarce) instead of limited by an amount you can build. There are no defense units right now. I also felt like everything was dying more and towers felt too expendable.
  13. Windex

    Field of view

    I've always played DD1 with the camera view set just before going into first person. The current FoV didn't bother me too much. Though I do think they should reintegrate the ability to zoom the camera in and out.
  14. Yeah, we need to be able to ping again. Also, unless they add a viewable map other than the mini map, we need to be able to tell who's who and what class on the mini map.
  15. Happened to me once too, I couldn't upgrade or repair unless I placed a new tower.
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