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  1. After reading this entire thread to try to understand where came from, I'm really hoping they add an actual DDA section ASAP. Having only backed for digital rewards, I didn't even know until now about the extra shipping costs for physical rewards. There's useful feedback and useless "feedback". Some things are just plain, not needed, complaining. (Don't get me wrong, if I'd had to pay an absurd amount of shipping I would have been all over the forums complaining about it. Although I wouldn't be calling it feedback and saying I'm afraid the game might be DOA when only like 2% of the backers had physical rewards with shipping costs. Also not just the backers are gonna play the game and CG has already made money from them.) Let's say developers are supposed to release a content update for a game and the update gets pushed back by 4 months for X reasons and when it finally comes out, it comes out with the exact content it was supposed to have 4 months ago. It's just logical that people are gonna be unhappy about it. Complaining about it on the forums is not gonna bring anything positive, it's just gonna make people argue and the devs feel more bad about having delayed it for X reasons. I totally agree that nonconstructive feedback is good, but to me, it can also be dangerous. If you're playing a game and really enjoying it, are you gonna go to the forums and say : "Hey, I really like every aspects of your game!" While on the other hand, if there's one thing you personally really dislike, you're much more likely to take the time to go complain about it. I feel it's pretty tricky to know how the majority really feel about something in a game unless a lot of people are complaining about it. I'm glad DDA will have a lot of beta testers from the KS so they'll receive plenty of "good and bad" feedback in the development phase. I was part of the defense council back before DD2 and was very active until the first 3 or so alpha play tests. My computer couldn't really run the game at all so I pretty much stopped caring about it. DD2 was always really underwhelming when I played it on PS4 and the endgame was extremely laggy the last time I played it. I never wanted to go back since. I also liked DD1's graphics and art style a lot more. I'm hoping DDA can be shaped into a great game before it comes out. Unfortunately I won't be able to play test the game since my pc can't run it and I'll be playing solely on PS4.
  2. I don't really like that example. I played dota and sure there are always metas where heroes are more used than others at higher skill levels. But you could still play any heroes you wanted and found fun to play. Like you said : There was just no way to use these as other things were just more efficient or they were plain useless on the hardest maps.
  3. I read everything carefully but it's not really clear. When does "does not turn the forums into a platform for the aforementioned." becomes too much of that. So it's fine as long as you don't "intentionally" disagree and try to turn the forums into an argument? That's pretty much down to each person's interpretation of what's too much disagreeing. 
  4. To be honest, like I quoted several time, they said "Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is a brand-new, cooperative, tower defense action RPG that recaptures the soul of the original Dungeon Defenders." Have you never seen a sequel that has a lot of the same mechanics and gameplay elements but improved on? While having new enemies, environments, etc and a new / following story. Most of the core fans played one of the two games, or both, because they loved the game and at least a couple of the features that it had. I don't think it's correct to think/expect that people shouldn't be proposing things to return / improve upon. I think it'd be a mistake to remove certain aspects of the game because "It's a new game". People should be encouraged to say what they liked about the game so that it could come back. They should definitely suggest ideas to improve those if they were to come back. At least until they were told by CG that that feature is not coming back. Maybe we'll get a game that's completely different from the previous games, but to me that wouldn't be the DD that I played and loved. Sure it could end up a better game, but I don't see how it would be to me, if they changed every elements.
  5. "Users - Harassing or bullying other users will not be tolerated. This is a place for people to share their experience in-game, and come together as a community. Disagreeing or not liking a particular user does not turn the forums into a platform for the aforementioned." I just wanted to know more about this. Are we not allowed to disagree with someone anymore? Should you not say you disagree with something if you only say that? Are you allowed to say you disagree with an idea or thought and give your reasoning behind it or give a different idea you think would be better?
  6. @dizzydiana I agree with everything you said but the last part. Maybe the rarest items could drop a bit more often but the best possible items should always be almost out reach. To me it's the whole point of playing the game once you've beat all the content.
  7. I don't really see myself able to give suggestions on massacre without knowing how nightmare will be. I would like it to be the same transition from Insane - > Nightmare but I doubt it will be. I'd like to give suggestions to make it harder compared to nightmare but without knowing how nightmare will work and how rewarding it will be, I just feel like I wouldn't be giving great ideas.
  8. Yes, with my example of a watery map, there could be a sudden temporary stream flood event at the start of the game that clears up a path in a part of the forest creating a new spawn. In another map, there could be a zeppelin that crashes up in a wall and opens up a new path there with stronger enemies spawning there from there. The debris would also block 1-2 nearby spawns. It would be easy to tell visually from the event that happened that a new lane appeared. These are just suggestions of random events that could sometimes happen at the start of a game. Each map could have different possible random events but each event would probably have their respective never changing spawn. It should also be very easy to tell where all the spawns are. Same ^.^
  9. But is the point of playing polo, to play the game or for the players to make horses? I'd be okay with your analogy if the polo player had to work to buy horses and raise them in order to play the game and that cloning instantly gave some other players some of the best horses.
  10. I feel like most of the specializations you suggested are too one sided. You would always use physical damage instead of elemental damage unless some enemies were made weak to some elements. You would always use which ever is found best from "More range and dmg but less fire rate". I don't see why you would ever use "Auras are half as effective but don't run out". I kinda like your idea of tower progression but I feel like it wouldn't encourage you to use other towers but instead force you to use them in order to unlock their "Perks". But this would still be a very nice addition progression wise. It could even be a way to unlock the second "form" I was suggesting. One way or another I think each tower need to have uniquely different possible uses. And different maps should offer different opportunities to make use of those.
  11. I see. I don't think adding more lanes every waves is a good feature. You should know from wave 1 where you will have to invest your defenses so you can plan your DU accordingly ahead of time. It should let you know from the start all the lanes that will have enemies, even if some have very few to no enemies spawning at first. Also like you mentioned, from my relatively short time with DD2, air waves pathing can really be a headache to figure out. If they added saveable defense presets in a similar form to what I suggested in my original post there, it would feel a lot less frustrating when losing. Considering they don't have the waves last too long.
  12. ^This. I'm really afraid of how the performance will be like at endgame on ps4.
  13. Is the map super big? I'm not sure how you can forget a lane existed with lane indicators showing you enemy paths. xD
  14. Oh o.o =_= Is it just a bad idea or was it poorly applied? To be honest I don't mind at all how DD1 is where you can just use the same combination of towers pretty much everywhere and can use the same setup on a map for ever. Just trying to give some ideas for those that didn't like that concept.
  15. The topic of optimal and repetitively used tower formations was brought up and I'd like to suggest this in some regard to that subject. Add random events that change the layout of a map. Let's say you have a map with a watery theme. There could sometimes be a cutscene or something like that at the start of the map. By example, there could be a little in-game graphic cutscene where a kobold shows up and blow up a dam which ravages the whole map. There would be multiple different results. One could have opened up two more paths in the map that will spawn enemies. One could partially flood the map and prevent you from building everywhere. One could have opened up 1 path and prevent you from building just a bit, etc, etc. There should be multiple possible outcomes to keep it fresh and enjoyable. It should maybe only happen 20% of the time so it's actually surprising and exciting when it does. You should get bonus rewards for completing a map when a random event occurred to help prevent people from just re-making the map into a standard version they know. The game should only decide whether there will be a random event for the map the next time you play it upon completing it. This would prevent people just remaking the map until there's an event, if the rewards were to actually be worth doing that. I'd also like to suggest very rare, totally positive, random occurrences. By example, you start a round but instead of starting like it should, a giant kobold shows up with a giant bag on his back. I'm suggesting him to appear at the supposed start of a round so you'd actually be prepared compared to the end of a round where you might have lost towers/auras/etc. He would try to escape by running from one of the spawn to a portal that appeared over the corresponding crystal. He would jump over your defenses so you don't have to sell your towers and build anything you can in it's path just to slow him down. It should always be highly resistant to slowing effects like auras to not disadvantage players not using them. It would give potentially great rewards based on the current map and difficulty reward pool. I'm sure some will the resemblance to the loot goblins in Diablo 3 but I don't see any reason not to use fun things from other games. :) This is only one example I came up with.
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