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  1. It's not unreasonable to want a similar game that was just expanded on in virtually every area. I loved the beginning of DD2 when it was similar & also had some of it's own improvements. Remember Tower Synergy? I do, I was hyped for the future combos that didn't really do much or were not existent. The game has seemed to move further & further away from it's core fan base which has led to a lot of veteran players & fans leaving entirely. We all wanted an expanded DD1, me personally I had my game cut short as I only played on PS3 & they shut down those servers about 2 years or s
  2. From personal experience that would not work as well as you would think. I actually met people on the 1st that hosted open lobbies, & kicked everyone who wasn't on their friends lists. There are people who specifically said to people that all they want to do with that feature is kick others. Some people want to host open lobbies with no intention of letting anyone actually join them. There's a reason it was changed, it was abused for all the wrong reasons.
  3. You aren't the first to bring this to their attention, they have already said they're working on it. As for gear... I recommend the forge become something like a shard bank with a built in catalogue. Have it display drop rates after collection of an item, & if you have over 50% of a category then display the rates for the remaining items of that category.
  4. I know it's been beaten to death but as a huge fan I just can't accept where the game currently is potentially being deemed the final version. I can't even play the game anymore & as a huge fan of DD1 that really hurts.
  5. Definitely lol I'm sorry I didn't bring that up in my post. How could I forget fun challenge weapons & non attacking pets with higher stats.
  6. That wasn't harsh don't worry. I honestly wanted to start a discussion about making DD2 fun & simple as it currently is limiting & overcomplicated. I don't want everything to be ridiculously easy & I also want to make sure everyone can have fun. I tried to keep everything simple as I do have a lot of ideas for shards, skins, environmental traps, & tower synergy but adding those would be just as long as the original post. I have no words for those who enjoy the game for what it is, it's not a bad game, my issue is it's a completely different game being labelled as a sequel. To b
  7. This is depressing, I've taken many hours to write this making sure to cover different scenarios, took recommendations, as well as made my opinion known. I see many views but I get the feeling not many actually read it all since I took the time to be inclusive. What's really strange is people tell me they agree with everything but there's no likes. Finally I tag someone who actually reads through posts & even they give no response. I don't understand the community anymore. Oh & to any who come from this comment please read the steps back portion at the bottom before you go. [[4370,us
  8. As much as I didn't want to ask I'd like to know what the staff thinks of these changes [[4370,users]] I'm not a game developer but I did try to make sure everything can work in the long term as well as be inclusive to the various sides of the community giving multiple ways to make things work. I do apologize for tagging you out of the blue again, I'm sure you're a very busy man.
  9. I hear ya loud & clear & have my own suggestion to fix it. I wrote it in another post actually, my recommendation is to get rid of crit stats then have all 4 remaining stats on relics, with slight variations in stats of course, so farming for a perfect relic comes back but not with anywhere near as big of a grind. I also talked about increasing item drops from normal enemies to be similar to how it once was.
  10. Yeah, the game is definitely missing quality of life options. I can't agree more with that lol. I can't believe some of the UI issues & compiled mess of things that are in this game.
  11. *Updated again, this time to include various currency changes (All under steps back)*
  12. I strongly disagree with the OP, but highly agree with Ram's sentiment. Strongly disagree? Can you elaborate on everything you disagree with? I was trying to simply explain that the game was better beforehand but seemed to change for the worse as time progressed. I'm a huge fan of the previous game & quite frankly not much was carried over, & instead DD2 feels like a completely different game. I didn't say everything about it was horrible, only the things that I & others have found issues with because they overcomplicate a game that was always very simple & intuitive. Even i
  13. *Updated again with some recommendations, a couple things added to various categories*
  14. I can see why you say that, it does look like something of that nature is possible. The game is all over the place, they had a previous game to follow but chose to revamp everything in their own vision with the help of the hardcore community. I'm unsure about the game world idea but with the way they have been setting up the game it could be possible. I talked about making a farm for pets & turning the Defense Forge into more of a Shard bank with a catalogue in another post.
  15. It started off so fun (Yes I'm excluding that which should not have existed) on PS4, I don't know much about the PC version. We had pets without ridiculous pet abilities, the simple tried & true base stats without the plague that is crit stats, all defense stats & hero stats on gear, gear was plentiful & gradual, there were no passives no Ascension no shards to overcomplicate a simplistic yet interesting game. With each update the community shifted, until many eventually left. Each additional base mechanic caused casuals to lose interest, with each simplified revision the hardcore
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