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  1. Hey guys i just pulled a legit 129^ kairi and am wondering if anyone would happen to trade 150^ plus ocalus for 78 for this kairi. You must be level 83 to equip it. If you are interested my psn id:iTripTez :apprentice: :) :) :)
  2. 129^ Kairi Pukledi just pulled a 129 kairi for level 83 and am willing to trade for a 150^ oculas for a level 78
  3. I signed out here on this link but there are 2 links and i signed up for this on https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qe6...iqTgk/viewform So i am participating right?
  4. PSN: iTripTez Time:2pm cause am doing the quick sand event at 12pm Also how will we know if we r choosen for the ex event?
  5. Sorry had to change my plans i can do it at 12pm HUNTRESS:78 Trap/Dps APPRENTICE:75 Dps SQUIRE:73 Tower- Horrible Stats MONK:71 Aura- Horrible Stats Thanks if i get choosen this is my first event
  6. This is my first event will it be on insane or insane+?
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