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  1. What is the highest earth shaper in the game so far? I pulled a 111 haha and I wasn't sure if it was the highest or not.
  2. Rangerz can u get on so I can get some items
  3. The world as we all know it just came to a end. The severs are down and the defenders who still stay and play local I think u are a true Dungeon Defender. Peace and forever loved. Dungeon Defenders
  4. I was just wondering how many people still play DD on PS3?
  5. I'm on right now if anyone is on and if there are still items mainly fallen ones I need them
  6. I've had this game for a very long time and quite frankly I've never used the forums. One of my friends who told me he spends more time one forum than he does in game told me that you guys were giving us PSN players a steam code for the game? If that's true I need one. I no life this game. I'd have to kill myself without it D:. I would love a steam code for DD i would buy it but i just dont have the money :(
  7. Rlly trendy y did u shut the online down now I rlly don't want to play dd
  8. You going help me... LOL A kiss on the forehead is one of the sweetest thing in the world? True or False Yea let me just ask RaNgErZ haha. Sorry RaNgErZ I had too :)
  9. OMG! Trendy gave me this cool item and it was pretty cool of them. So now i'm going to complain about it publicly when all I really had to do is take off the item and put it back into my item box. Haha true if it's free don't complain :demon:
  10. Testing one two three.. testing one two three sent from my secret fishing spot Is that in ur house or somthin haha
  11. Im interested i should be on soon Psn: ktis13
  12. I need one more person on my team if u are still looking 4 team Pinty can i be on ur team if u still leed a member :)
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