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  1. Psn is having issues again today... 3 days in a row lol.
  2. This might sound like a pretty generic answer but there's no shame in just staying where you are for awhile and getting geared up real well. I'm kind of in the same boat as you. Even after pushing through a few floors and learning how to deal with a few lanes, I still felt like my characters and towers could've been clearing a lot smoother if they were a little more optimized. So I decided just to stick to expeditions for awhile. Didn't see a ton of point in struggling for the same drops. I'm definitely going to go back to pushing eventually, but I don't feel the least bit bad about staying still and getting jacked first.
  3. I'd like to see some more remakes. I spent way to much time with DD1 to not enjoy seeing them with a new shine. And more castle maps... For the love of crap, more castle maps lol. 2 is just not enough. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and just remake some castle maps
  4. Nope I used to play firefall before, an mmo open world, even when i leveled all my characters and got the highest gears i kept playing because it had fun things to do. Because you found those things fun. I'm sure someone thought it was boring and repetitive and jus wanted more power creep. If you weren't progressing what was the point? You said it yourself "fun" which answers the entire question of this thread. I find the core gameplay of this game fun and even if there was no more progression, I'd still enjoy playing it. That's because I find these things fun. I put crazy hours into DD1 after I stopped progressing because what...? Fun =) Just because you don't find enjoyment in this game outside of progression doesn't automatically mean there's a universal issue. And besides, MMO's and loot games are different. I wasn't even remotely referring to MMO's.
  5. Vendors accidentally became the best way to farm top tier mods. So they were disabled till a fix could be implemented
  6. The whole point of, not just this game, the entire genre of loot games is repetitive grind for power creep. It's what the genre is built on and what keeps players playing. It sounds like your problem isn't with Dungeon Defenders 2, but the genre in general.
  7. I just recently started playing so I have some serious catch up to do. So like 12 hours or so. Itching to get that first Ancient Power upgrade in my rear view lol.
  8. To be fair, the spam happens during Trendy's night time so it's not like there's anybody in their offices. They could add automation but they'd either have to add a low post limit which would screw everyone here. Or make it so new accounts can't post for the first day or two, which would screw new players looking for help getting started. The whole thing is kind of a catch 22.
  9. I got a few questions about modding the Barb. 1. Do mods on both weapons count? As in he has 6 weapon mod slots? 2. Do identical mods stack across both weapons? Like double Critical Chips or something? 3. I know his swing speed is determined by his primary. If I have a light in my primary and a medium in my secondary, will the medium chip mod work? Or get ignored since his primary is light?
  10. I was thinking about buying the starter pack on ps4 but it comes with an extra bag. What happens to that if I already have 8 bags? Does it get converted to a bank slot or does it just disappear? Or can I have more than 8 bags?
  11. So I should start off by saying, I did play DD1 a lot on consoles and loved it. Figure it's about time to jump into this one but I just need a little clarification on a few things. 1. Should I be trying to power my way through the campaign as fast as possible or should I be repeating each stage a few times for gear / XP? 2. Are there set weapons that excel the way Soul Focuser and stuff did in DD1 or is it more like an MMO where I'm just looking for stuff with better stats? 3. I plan on trying to get every character sooner or later but is there anything that just can't be accomplished by the original 4? I guess what I'm asking is, are the characters well balanced or are the premium characters more powerful? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I went into it expecting it to be like DD1 and the changes definitely overwhelmed me a bit lol.
  12. Really? That would be amazing. Even if you could just help me with 2 characters that would be great. Having a Huntress and a Squire at 70 would be a great starting point for me. My Steam name is the same as my name here. I'm on pretty often so I'm sure we'll be on at the same time sooner or later.
  13. Awesome. Thanks for all your help. I've really been missing this game and can't wait to jump back in.
  14. I'm pretty new to the PC version so I'm not 100% sure what open is. Is that like an unranked mode or something? So basically if I want to play serious I have to do everything by the book? I guess I'm fine with that. If I level up a character solo offline can I still take him into ranked or do I have to do everything in there? There's a lot of subtle differences between this and the console version so I'm sorry if this stuff is common knowledge...
  15. when it comes to things like the excessive exp custom map and custom maps of that nature? I'm fine not using them but I just recently made the jump from PS3 to PC thanks to the servers going down. It's going to take me long enough to to get all my gear and pets back the way I want. It would be amazing to save some time on the leveling. I mean, at the end of the day, I love this game more then enough that starting fresh wouldn't be the end of the world but it really does suck going from characters in the high 80's to characters at 0.
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