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  1. You can beat it you just need an EV2 with proton beam built for DEF CRT right where enemies come out to kill them as fast as you can. Cleans all other knights and as the red comes out which ever you can cleans just ignore and kill off the enemies at the point. I've beaten it but took me a bit to figure the right setup. Hope it helps and if you need help just let me know
  2. I notice on unholy catacombs some of the knights can't get cleansed. It says you cleans it but its still reaches the core and does damage. You have to kill off all the enemies to clear the round. Normally happens on 3rd or 4th knight coming out and it seems to always be a red.
  3. They already wrote back saying its not live yet but will post soon when its up and running
  4. Perfect example of useless use of DU. Thanks for sharing toxic
  5. I meant useless as I'm sure you figured it out. I would want to show my towers to as many people in order to find other players that match well with mine. Maybe even giving you 600 green mana just to build one or two towers and upgrade them to max would make a difference. Not an endless amount of green mana to build the same tower 20 times. Doesn't change the outcome other than your screwed others from building and showing off dps. Remember that a private tavern only holds 4 people including yourself why'll an open social tavern can hold 20 to view your towers. It's just an idea. Also i get th
  6. Trendy is there a way to put a timer for what you build in a social tavern? I've about had enough of players building useless traps or auras to take up all the build space. Than all they do is nothing and never remove any of their builds. Just an idea if it can all be possible.
  7. My walls for my squire was base almost 700k now its just over 350k. This is a bit upsetting.
  8. Yup all my skeleton archers that had 10% dropped to 8% and my skeleton walls went from 6% to 4%. Harbinger bow 4x4 burst short dropped to 2x4 and i put in work for it big time.
  9. If you use them they'll award your tickets for the spin wheel
  10. I've only seen one person with the sword but nothing else.
  11. This game really needs to be able to lock items and pets. I just accidentally sold my monthly tiger pet and I'm so upset i couldn't lock him in the first place. Come to think about it i don't think it even warn me if i wanted to sell it because it was a pet not an item.
  12. I stopped after 35 but my build I'm sure i can go awhile longer no problem.
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