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  1. I'll help. send me a game invite if interested. my forum id is the same as my ps3 id.
  2. all of my characters have a spaceballs theme. it's a mel brooks movie. I like them all.
  3. I appreciate all the help everyone gave with there donations.
  4. ok if I can't help other players in the game just by playing the right way then don't ask people for help with weapons,armour and exp. that goes for everyone. if one person can't do it no one can. everyone has to treated the same.
  5. ok if you still want help. send me a friend request. my psn name is the same as forum name.
  6. i'm new to this. how do you farm? i've asked people in the game and i get no answer
  7. hello everyone. if anyone wants to send me a message or friend request i'll leave that up to you. thank you
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