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  1. Not sure if I missed something...is there meant to be a new forum for DC members? It does appear that I now have the title though. And I seem to be blue when I'm logged in and red otherwise so I don't think that's particular to the DC. Yeah, I think the forum isn't up yet. Or maybe it is and we just can't see it for whatever reason. I'm honestly just going to give this whole thing a few days and let Trendy sort out all their stuff. Eventually I have faith things'll start working and we'll see a DC forum, those special dev blogs and whatever else. I'm just happy that Playverse doesn't give me
  2. *facepalm* when I look on my profile it says "Junior Defender" yet when I post it appears to be working correctly. Well nevermind then! I'll just chock this up to bugs and assume it'll be fixed eventually. Best of luck Trendy, I know you guys must be burning the midnight oil with all this new stuff going on!
  3. So I'm in the beta after I donated to the charity, but I don't see a title that I apparently am supposed to have. I had a forum account before I donated, am I supposed to link Playverse accounts and forums accounts? Are those the same thing, and I just have two now with identical user names and passwords on the same email address somehow? Is this just something I should be waiting for Trendy to fix since they seem to have their hands full with various bugs right now? I'm very confused >.
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