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  1. 286 reroll tokens is 100 % chance to get 10/10 / can happen sooner but very very very very very very very very very very rare
  2. its a bug / someone said how to manipulate it but i don't see much benefit from it because how easy it is to get DMs
  3. You probably right/ i was just assuming xiao wanted to push higher floors to see if could beat them
  4. i was talking about having alot of reroll tokens on 2000 hours playing time
  5. i believe xiao was talking about just playing high 900+ and seeing if can push higher ? now xiao have to go back to 50 that's a long grind back to 900+
  6. use reroll tokens / you should have plenty if you got 2000 hours in the game or is the worst grinder to ever play DD2 ?
  7. Water elemental shard works just not as good as water +sr mod
  8. Just use 1 amp warrior build its super op afk everything but i guess you want it took out also
  9. Sourgrapes / tell me how it would help you for others to lose their relics ? There's so many other builds you can use to beat anything in the game
  10. it still drops but its very rare i had 2 drop in a week / fasted way is just to reroll even though it takes alot of tokens
  11. yeah i would like to see more content added to DD2 but highly unlikely now that they are busy with DDA but you never know they might because there's still alot of people people DD2
  12. Good to know this information
  13. no plot twist i only have one but it is bound to me so can't sell even if i wanted to / wish i had made several when i had a chance to
  14. i wasn't playing DD2 much at the time i was just doing dailys about every three days but i made legendary wm and i didn't like it wasn't as much power so i didn't make but one lol
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