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  1. i use automation ,vicious strikes, disruptive pylon and mass destruction alot but it is a slow grind / its way easier now than it was when it first came out /just take a few breaks and think about what setups to use helps alot
  2. Try different region server worked for me
  3. Same problem for me / i went to west server worked great my guess is just alot more people on east server
  4. that extra dps player sometimes will save the day in mulitiplayer and its also makes onslaught not so boring grind
  5. guess we just have to be happy with it lol
  6. in lost temple map you better hope your build holds because you can't do much dps because of the lag almost unplayable
  7. At least you know your going to get that 10 out of 10 mod
  8. I've done it but its not needed
  9. i agree juicebag has all the information you will need but nothing helps more than just playing the game
  10. Thanks for reply that's what i wanted to know
  11. Can someone post a picture of the material vault with max items / i would like to see how much the max items is
  12. Water elemental shard works with shocking rev ive tested it
  13. i believe jaws was meaning mod ? and yes you can add water elemental shard to any relic
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