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  1. yeah i would like to see more content added to DD2 but highly unlikely now that they are busy with DDA but you never know they might because there's still alot of people people DD2
  2. Good to know this information
  3. no plot twist i only have one but it is bound to me so can't sell even if i wanted to / wish i had made several when i had a chance to
  4. i wasn't playing DD2 much at the time i was just doing dailys about every three days but i made legendary wm and i didn't like it wasn't as much power so i didn't make but one lol
  5. i like hearing all these different setups gives me more ideals than just putting down flame auras and legendary weapon mans then just afk it makes a player use their brain a little anyways and it makes it way less boring
  6. Keep up the different builds and writing about it in the forum lotus because its good for the game even if some players disagree with you / ive tried every defense in the game i would like to see some defenses work better but its probably doubtful now with them working on dda
  7. Lotus thats alot of crit damage / everyone used to farm for power transfer shard including me but now its just deadly strikes destruction and def rate shards /most of the other shards are useless now or not used except for a few
  8. i don't know exglint but i watched him on twitch he has done 50 some resets and high onslaught somehow he's not on leaderboards / he doesn't use meta builds either im surprised how you and him both do so well using different defenses non meta / im just glad to see both of you highly skilled players are still playing / ive been doing diablo 3 season 19 last few days and already bored of it guess back to playing DD2 lol
  9. i thought it was / if it worked right it would be a great mod
  10. i got great earthshatter tower they can kill almost anything but they lag game real bad the mob counter doesn't move sometimes for a minute / i believe it might be shatterquake mod because i took all mods that proc from weapon off still did same
  11. Keep up the onslaught climb lotus / i would say not many climbing that high without ap reset if any
  12. i was beginning to think this part of the forum was dead lol
  13. The way i look at it is play it the way you enjoy it if its leaderboards or using meta or not whatever makes you happy
  14. You probably was at the 286 reroll but you could have just got lucky rng
  15. Yeah this is meta its easy to setup and afk but does get boring / best for ap resets though
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