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  1. You don't have to reset because 2 players made it to floor 999 without any resets but if your gonna reset i would try to at least 30 or more for xp bonus and gold bonus
  2. i see 2 more players have completed floor 999
  3. Are you sure nobody else used RB combos before random made spread sheet ? i would imagine someone else used RB in game with some types of combos? / i used to use RBs with numerous reflection shard and would it would take care of a lane before mods where in game it was nowhere as great as randoms build though
  4. Before i knew about over capping i would just out range enemies and using earth shatter- pdt and ramsters would work just not as great as over capping
  5. i gotta agree with you it makes it so much easier
  6. the three on PS4 are looking like they are going to complete onslaught also
  7. Jaws gave all of the advice you'll need or you could just start playing onslaught as soon as you can its quicker to level up but Jaws advice is better because you will learn how to play game better
  8. DD2 has been out for several years now and There's alot of people playing still on PS4 / and for being unplayable i don't see it as bad as you / THE lost temple and high seas maps can get laggy when there's alot of enemies but still playable on PS4
  9. just one more floor to go they have done 998 / i didn't believe anyone would make floor 999
  10. Glitch when it happens to me i just restart game returns to normal
  11. The game is a great game ive put alot of hours in it myself / highly addictive
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