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  1. Ap reset is long long long grind if you do alot of resets and gets very boring / first 15 to 20 resets not to bad though
  2. You don't have to get all stars to get automation you can't skip some
  3. Its the same / people are just selling high price because you can't get them anymore / ive got several and the orb they all 3 do same thing so there's no use buying unless your just wanting to have one
  4. it almost always takes 286 to get 10 out of 10 mod anything less than 286 consider yourself very lucky
  5. Same here alot of deaths / wasn't hard just slow because of deaths from assassins
  6. i believe he said and surge / also for maldonis i wonder just how many players could afk it not many my guess
  7. What game do you play thats perfect archaiclotus ? DD2 is way better now than it was / i still play alot and i enjoy playing it
  8. Problem with initiate is doesn't do the damage as monk and talisman skill doesn't last long enough and talisman skill is to small of area / but i agree that power from talisman skill is great
  9. i was using 1 nimbus on each lane its a powerhouse on bosses but some mobs will slip by/ now for the last few weeks ive switched to using flame auras seems better but i like watching the nimbus and hornets work if the do go wrong way sometimes
  10. i would focus on gear score because it will be quicker getting to chaos 7 / almost any gear stats will get you to chaos 7
  11. i don't see anything wrong with this it just helps to get a few extra defender medals and maybe get a certain map you would rather play / not enough extra defender medals to make much difference
  12. Bees are great boss killers except siege roller just like jaws said have backups for mobs
  13. i would rather get the 2 wins or 3 wins daily because after playing for awhile you will have plenty of defender medals
  14. i just can't see having content in DD2 for 1% of players / maybe im wrong though
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