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  1. the three on PS4 are looking like they are going to complete onslaught also
  2. Jaws gave all of the advice you'll need or you could just start playing onslaught as soon as you can its quicker to level up but Jaws advice is better because you will learn how to play game better
  3. DD2 has been out for several years now and There's alot of people playing still on PS4 / and for being unplayable i don't see it as bad as you / THE lost temple and high seas maps can get laggy when there's alot of enemies but still playable on PS4
  4. just one more floor to go they have done 998 / i didn't believe anyone would make floor 999
  5. Glitch when it happens to me i just restart game returns to normal
  6. The game is a great game ive put alot of hours in it myself / highly addictive
  7. Yeah it destroys reflect beams / i always try to check if bastille master is in a lane and if it is try to kill it before it can put up its shield
  8. Probably bastille master shield was up
  9. Op says without BA only thing i see from picture is he probably using destructive pylon in LA / also ive seen this alot when ive joined others then when replay another match their stats would return to normal / even with max ascension 64 million i don't believe is possible
  10. i have 6543 but like exglint said only about 12 million with everything optimize give or take a million for me anyways
  11. put picture of your fa i cannot get near 32 million with c8 relic and mass destruction and destruction shards combined maybe im building mine wrong?
  12. its a glitch it happens when you join someone that has already started building
  13. You don't have to spend any money on DD2 its free
  14. on Ps4 there was a spike in people playing before the virus hit and now with people staying home even more i believe its putting a strain on servers i could be wrong though
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