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  1. thanks Ez_____ but i'll still play but under my other account. if u need help just ask me... i got u as a friend u too suck_it... lol forgot his psn,,, u know who u are XD lol
  2. no thanks bro... i farmed alot 4 what i had... im tired of farming... took forever to get 230 for my trap huntress, 242 4 my squire , 220+ 4 my aura monk.... awww and my 254 giraffe,,, lol,,, that sucks,,, i have no ps plus... i think i mught play but to farm for friends,,, i like the game but... it sucks losing your good stuff...
  3. save corrupt lost all my stuff... can u remove me from the event... & whats up Ez_____, lost my 126 blasticus too... now u know who i am... XD
  4. aquanos kairi on wave 20,,, & i didnt reach wave 25,,, probably a giraffe...
  5. can i join u...? psn isaiah_fm3 want to lvl up my apprentice from 80 to 83,,,,thanks
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