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  1. Get rid of the Hero Deck for single player games. Let SP have access to all the heroes. As it stands now leveling is very clunky and awkward. I can level up 3 heroes at the same time but if one gets ahead in levels (even just one level), the next time I log in I can't play with the same team as before? Why? Now I have to somehow level my monk solo, even though I've put all this time into making him a support? Not to mention the hero that you leave out is forced to level solo. Unless you are willing to meticulously manage the exp of all of your heroes and constantly go back to the social tavern to change the Deck. Clunky and awkward. I think the Hero Deck is totally fine for multi-player, but for anyone who prefers to play single player it doesn't make any sense.
  2. I would like to see more logically consistent build boxes for towers. Example: you can build a boost aura right next to a geyser trap BUT you cannot build a geyser trap right next to a boost aura. Make sense?
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