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  1. So by the wording on the news post you guys seem to be cancelling the moba style part of the game. Thats fine to me, what really caught my attention was the fact you had 20 some characters each with their own unique abilities & towers (if they had any). Are we still going to see a majority of those characters or are we going back to the roots of the first 4? And is there anything you guys can spill from the teaser trailer? Just anything in general for us to speculate about further.
  2. What did you want me to go on? O.o Everything...SPILL THE BEANS FRANK. SPILL THEM
  3. Engage automatic response: You guys were playing on the official Trendy server, right? You mean ranked? Doesn't matter if its ranked or not, as far as I know even on ranked servers the detection is only by people submitting photos. So situations like this can happen. I would too prefer a good anti-cheating system. Just take the temptation away and the possibility of getting into games with them. As OP said, takes the challenge away except on heavy mechanic missions & boss fights.
  4. theres been a lot going at Trendy, apparently, and they havent had time to keep the public up to date on the game. they are still working on it, so be patient. why ask for sneak peeks when you can just get the full game? You answer me that. When you log into Dungeon Defenders (1) on ranked it shows Daily hero reveals and info, on the dungeon defenders 2 advert. So, I wouldn't be expecting it if they didn't mention it.
  5. Might as well remove the option for us to gain a beta code through the live stream. You guys haven't done a live stream since before the dota 2 internationals. You guys are having a real hard time sticking to your word lately. Honestly, your game is great, but if your gonna turn this into a cash grab or a poor game and refuse to communicate with your community outside of surveys then honestly you may as well not even ask for our feedback period. One important part of being part of the community as a manager is to not only look at feedback & suggestions, but to relay info between your sid
  6. Anybody notice we're not getting this anymore? Everytime I login to dungeon defenders and see this advert for dd2, and it says exactly this. But we're not getting this... When can we expect you guys to be reliable...
  7. What kind of excuse is that... I understand testing, but dota 2 international inteferring with streaming... C'mon... You guys gotta try better than that...I could say I lost a cookie on my facebook because my car ran out of gas, would that make sense?
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