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  1. Just wanna say thanks to everyone at trendy and my fellow DD hosts for ps3, was a great privilege to host for you guys I always had players thank me for hosting but really wanna say thank you to all that I got to host and play with, had a ton of fun with you guys. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, feel free to msg me on psn and add me (I do play other games lol) Infamous_Zane_89. Until next time :D
  2. Still have the 198 crysknife? And what lvl is it for? Just msg me ingame. Psn is the same as forum name.
  3. Infamous_Zane_89 25th about 8pm-10pm plz
  4. Lets farm some hit me up when I get on lol. Ill run my mage to help ya out
  5. Thanks to all the hosts for taking the time to do this for the loyal DD community. And ty heer for passing my item... even if ya teased me for a lil bit with it lol. Cant wait for the tag team event!! Is it participation or win? Havent seen whats what with it.
  6. When do these events start? I made the list but havent seen when the actual start date is, if there is one posted yet.
  7. Ran the event yesterday at aboit 11:30am with fistofnails and was told id recieve my reward later that day. I didnt recieve it and I was marked on the google spreadsheet as ran and recieved... plz contacte and lemme know whats going on for sure. Would enjoy knowing if im getting my stuff or not lol. Thx in advance.
  8. He got on then off and I msged her with no reply back
  9. Any idea when they will be passing out the event items for the ppl who won but didnt recieve the rewards? Ran before noon and still nothing over 6 hrs after the event... plz let us know something soon thx :)
  10. What lvl will the auras be? Like the small lvl 0s or bigger like 100+ lol.
  11. Since D3 has come to console a lot of ppl I used to run with have mysteriously vanished *looks under the couch* But im lookin for a few cool ppl to run moraggo insane/+/shai runs. Dunno the build yet so builders welcome lol. But have 83 huntress dps, 84 aura monk, 83 tower squire, and my noob with a stick 79 app. But hit me up if ya feel like runnin. Psn name is same as here.
  12. Thx fennimoe. And ty dreadd. Im excited to get started lol
  13. So we can do last stand events and this then? Didnt see where dread said anything like that lol.
  14. So in the emporium will we be able to purchase the event items that we will be missing due to being signed up here? Kinda a big gamble not knowing what the emporium will actually give as prizes... any other clues ect as to what'll be in the emporium dread?
  15. Anyone know when they normally post for the xp event?
  16. Amazing!! Cept for me losing connection going in and out of the match lol. Heer29 was an awesome host and the items... game changers for sure. Thx to trendy and our ps3 event team. Cant wait for the next event!!
  17. Shouldnt be against the forum rules but it will be what it is.
  18. Lol yeah if a mod wants to take it down its fine. Just think we should have a list instead of finding out the hard way.
  19. Just thought it would be nice to have a list of ppl who tavern dupe so we could avoid them ingame. Kinda sucks that ppl can find a way to copy and poof everything you have worked for.
  20. Lol im building a tower app as I write this. Should be good to go by the event
  21. I asked earlier. There are no restrictions what so ever on tower weapons, so long as you dont attack with them.
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