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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRb-A9UFbs6fXdYotfK-GKD62P1CqNG7hjTcPVePatZNPdM4EyltSM99uygesnsT9AkaWDoQgst-4oP/pubhtml Its not perfect but it should give you an idea on how to price your stuff. ( BB, black magick and a few other items arent priced properly in it imo ) Also you can just auction your events instead of selling them (or ask someone who trades events a lot to price them for you).
  2. Plane probably had a heart attack after seeing this lol
  3. Ye I've seen people try that, but half of the participants still overbid by like 1 coal :P (which is quite pointless as there's a hidden threshold and it's set preety high, if I don't get a decent offer I will just use this piece myself). But let's try that anyway. Minimal overbid is 3 cv from now on.
  4. As the title says, i have Ginger Cinnamon Ocean but also Ploutonion 2 Golden Roosts Alpha Gamma and this lovely ult++ armor piece (its also on auction rn) and I'd like to trade some of these items (up to you which ones) for NPC/Celebration you can send you offers here, on discord (Lukas112008) or post them in this thread. I can also pay in cubes/diamonds or add some to the events/armor i offer, up to you.
  5. Edit: If someone bids on the last day, auction time will be extended by another 24h (anti-sniping rule) (I forgot to mention that earlier, sorry :( )
  6. Queen Georgia - 30cv Spearmint - 25cv War Bonnet - 25cv Mr. Skelly - 35cv Golden Roost - 15cv
  7. Don't do it!! Even though it would be the second best casting rate piece ever, it would be a terrible waste and the DD gods would hate you forever It's not about putting the item to good use, it's about pumping those rookie numbers up
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