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  1. You know ill just hop on the bandwagon as I have been playing on ps3 and pc since non mistymire. If Trendy were to pull this off I would be very pleased, I understand their difficulties as an independent company so I wouldn't count on it.
  2. I know I didn't know you but it's always sad to see more and more people go :(
  3. Hey man you know I am down for this. I just havent been playing with you as I have been busy and I have gotten bored but starting new sounds great!
  4. Just another rng troll, maybe someone wants it, it still has pontential. Accepting the usual, coal, cubes. I FARMED IT
  5. So some people may know since I was from the ps3 community but since gamespy shut down I have moved over to PC and theres just one problem! All of my toons are missing!! I have already emailed trendy's lost heroes email and I had gotten an immediate email right after, but im wondering how long it will be until my characters will be restored, if anybody knows the average time to get them back.
  6. Well at first i was all like nah i probably wont play it even though i had seen the E3 gameplay but now i have second thoughts about what i said :)
  7. I mean i do not know you but i do hate to see people go and even i was thinking about quitting but this is one of the best games i have ever played. Therefore i cannot.
  8. Well i have thought about it i will probably see you in a month or so! :)
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