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  1. you get 3 likes and I guarantee they do not know the inside joke... lol ke$ha was your thing jackie Lol I don't see the likes on my phone and timber came on on the radio today jammin out
  2. Hey, I'm thinking about switching to pc.... can you help out? Pff go listen to ke$ha you traitor
  3. If there is any items you still need let me know ASAP. :) Everything 👉✊👋👊
  4. This was on the wall on a house in jersey city [[4624,hashtags]]
  5. Update: I will try and be online in the evenings to giveaway as much as I can. Also, if you are wanting to get a robot I can give some out. I don't have very many so please do not ask for more than one. One for jack? :)
  6. Can I have your permission to tattoo this on my lower back? Sent from a local game. Oh yeah I got you
  7. I always pictured him as a golden retriever lol Sent from a local game. Half pit half black lab
  8. Cant see the lvl requirement It is 83
  9. Yay!!! Giraffe run moraggo I + ? Jk :) Sent from North of the Wall and searching for Blood Raven! Craig is incapable of + giraffe runs.. Ask ez Craig doesn't know how to repair! End of 24 ogre banged out a slice wrecked the crystal lol
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