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  1. I installed the Jester DLC and hopped into medium deeper well with my new level 1 Jester. I place my presents and start the first wave and KABOOM - I summoned a 24,000 health enemy ogre. My first round was short lived. Feel free to share any terrible jester luck here.
  2. It's probably been said but skill is still a serious factor. Certain gear can trivialize certain maps/difficulties but that doesn't mean there isn't skill involved in DD. If you don't completely outgear the content, you still have to work and think to succeed.
  3. It makes absolutely no sense that you get like 20k mana from nightmare deeper well even though it is far more challenging than pretty much any insane map where you would make at least 1 million and sometimes more.
  4. I actually really like the Mistymire map. The loot progression is still kindof bad for those without solid gear but if the other 3 maps are as good as Mistymire I'd say it will be well worth the 9 dollars.
  5. I remember when i just started playing how crazy I thought it was that there were pets for like 50 thousand in the shop after beating deeper well on medium. I feel sorry for the new player that opens his tavern shop after his first level and sees a 200 million mana pet after gaining 500 mana from his first deeper well run.
  6. I agree. I find it hilarious that you get no stat items worth 100 mana for doing deeper well on nightmare even though it is way more of a challenge than hard glitter and many insane maps. I'm sure there is some impressive loot on the later levels of nightmare but you don't stand much of a chance unless you have heavily farmed UMF which at the moment is only doable with UMF gear or wave 20-25 survival and mix mode gear.
  7. These prices seem so absurd for anyone who isn't super op and making tons of money from selling UMF rewards. I was moderately geared and able to solo 90% of wave 12 on UMF which usually made me around 10 million. I haven't even tried again since the tremendous piercing shot nerf since my strategy involved kiting a giant line of ogres and I doubt I will even be able to get that far again. 30 million even seemed high for me considering you still had to dump a huge amount of mana into the pet to upgrade it. I feel really sorry for the people who had gear worse than me.
  8. Anyone else crashing almost every time they return to tavern with 7.13?
  9. I bet they have sold more than double the copies they would have sold if they had not used steam. At least in PC copies.
  10. Trine 2 and Orcs Must Die have been updated in the last 30 minutes or so. Hopefully DD is close!
  11. Not only are you just wrong, but you are impressively rude as well.
  12. I doubt I've just been getting extremely lucky but I can't even quite beat wave 12. Every time I get a decent amount through wave 12 I find at least 1-2 50 or more upgrade armor. Found some crazy 60 upgrade boots but they had bad resists unfortunately.
  13. Philanthropy is a great way to get un-manacapped.
  14. Crystal trackers and grenade launchers have bonus attack speed instead of shots per second. It's stupid but I've tried to get a Trendy response in the past and they ignored multiple long threads about it.
  15. One is a Christmas event achievement I think. I saw it on the Global stats.
  16. Steam 4 packs always give you one and 3 to give away. Buying 3 separately costs the same amount as the 4 pack. It sucks you can't buy 4 to give away but that's just the way it is.
  17. Yeah, autoaim is not the problem against the dragon. It's the invisible walls that are the main problem.
  18. Yeah, I would be completely fine with not seeing which enemies I killed one by one.
  19. Placing the best gear almost exclusively on the least enjoyable game type was an unfortunate choice.
  20. I don't know if I represent any more players than just myself but I stopped playing DD for a few days to enjoy Skyrim but I have had absolutely no desire to get on and defend any dungeon in the last couple days because everything is changing so rapidly that I feel my time would be completely wasted. Hopefully things will settle in a week or so.
  21. I'm guessing they added the 3 second buffer because of the bug where the wave would actually start twice and you would get double the enemies if you swapped characters right at the last moment.
  22. It was probably with 3 seconds left, I did not know that was a change.
  23. I was just playing insane summit in a private match on ranked with 7.08b. There were multiple occasions where I tried to switch with 5 or less seconds remaining and it did not allow me to switch. One time I was trying to switch from monk to apprentice. The other time it was probably app to huntress.
  24. Yeah, I know its sanctioned by Trendy. I'm just a wuss and don't feel like risking my 150 hours with a 3rd party program when autoban systems are in place.
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