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  1. Hey TallishMass great idea. May I request a high upgrade Katana for a DPS squire. I have a 46^ Katana for 78 (i'm currently 79) and I have a 58^ Katana for Lvl 90. I'm just really looking for anything higher for 78 even if its 60 or 70^. I have a good amount of armor for 78 and 83, so if you need help filling out a request for a set, I'd be more than happy to assist. thanks GT: humdizzle Do not worry I am back and ready to serve my customers, I will search for your item.
  2. I would want a lvl 78 oculus with about 100^ I will message you my gt Your request for a certain item is confirmed and I will be ready when I notify you.
  3. Great idea! I will definitly visit your armory. I am currently looking for a full set of level 83armor for a DPS hero with 65+ upgrades, let me know what i could trade that for. GT: KainMarks Alright, I have found what you are looking for, I will trade when I get on.
  4. I am currently opening a new shop in Dungeon Defenders Xbox 360. The shop will contain different items over time. The shop also takes requests of what kind of gear you want. For example: You might want a sword of 56^ with specific details like hero damage. Or maybe some pets. Whatever the case is, the armory will search for items their customers want. Note that you will have to trade items to get armory shop items. Over time the shop might have neat deals, like 25% sometimes. Not to mention that good customers get better deals. (Like 10% off). GT: TallishMass Armory Items: Armor of 25
  5. R u on xbox or ps3 I am on Xbox 360. Why do you ask?
  6. Oh, well I got some really, really good stuff to trade for that crysknife. Message me so we can talk about it. (Xbox 360) GT: TallishMass
  7. I have no idea, I thought the highest charge speed needed was 52.
  8. Just imagine, if there could be an ice tower for Dungeon Defenders, how would the gameplay feel. Or imagine an ice aura, causing enemies to take frost damage. I think Dungeon Defenders would like great with some icy features. Sadly no updates, but there will be Dungeon Defenders 2. Would frost resist, icebolt towers, icy auras, blizzard trap, and frost damage be cool? I got a chilly feeling now.
  9. I would like the 100^ armor and the 83 dps apprentice gear. If you do not mind.
  10. Ready to play if you are ready to play. GT: TallishMass Note: I am legit. Do not forget to sign up for events, they have the good stuff.
  11. There will be good items seen in the shop. (Soon!)
  12. Items in the shop changed once again, view the first post to see them.
  13. You need to split "Did you know that sandwiches make me grow and do not forget to brush your teeth." into two sentences with the removal of the and" and a period after "grow". Incorrect, the mistake is located near the last 2 sentences. Add " to and" so you get "and". Try again on both of me posts.
  14. Wow! That spells wow! That is cool, but I hope you had a splendid day at the mystery shop.
  15. I didn't have a helm. Sorry, I am very sorry, I was not really paying attention.
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