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  1. Well we sort of have it with the scatter shot on other bows. But i agree that if they want to make a flamethrower type attack, then just put it on a new weapon. While i love that they where trying to give the new bow a unique feel i think maybe its charged shot shooting a golden hand that knocks back even ogres would have been cool. I mean this is the hand of midas theme after all. Know that might make the bow op it might not since you can't be on every ogre in every lane, but it would sure give the bow a huge boost in feel. And increase the desire for it probably fairly significantly.
  2. I have the same problem, doesn't matter if i try to go private or public same thing.
  3. And they have still not stated whether or not they are actually wiping at the end of alpha as far as i know. They have stated repeatedly that unless we seriously want them to wipe all our items, or they have no other choice, they are going to try to avoid wiping items. So unless i missed a post or dev stream where they said yes we are so totally wiping all your stuff, they have not made that final in anyway.
  4. Coming from someone who used to raid lead in Wow, and had 9 different toons in top gear (yeah i didn't used to have a life....wait still don't...nm) I personally never felt like i was swimming upstream. When the level cap was increased you spent time going through the story to get your toons to max level. And you geared up for the minimum needed at that time to start farming for the good stuff. Honestly wow's gear progression is probably either the best, or certainly one of the best in the business. Otherwise they wouldn't have membership spikes every time they release an expansion, and a pretty respectable continuing subscription based population. If all everyone thought was omg its going to be the largest struggle to get myself to top tier again, they wouldn't keep coming back or keep playing. Now im not saying "Hey trendy just be like blizz cause yeah" just putting in that they have it down pretty darn well imo. Honestly i really want to see what trendy is going to figure out in the end through this whole process. You really don't expect innovation from big companies like blizz. They are to worried about making money so they stick with what works most of the time. But there is an opportunity to end up with a really balanced, but totally fresh approach to gear if we can manage to get things figured out. Which they seem to be really trying to find the right solution, though their current thoughts (as i stated on the other forum topic about this whole thing) aren't really the right answer myself.
  5. Always awesome to see responses from the Trendy team iamisom. Best part of DD2 is just how much you all do pay attention to what we have to say.
  6. Only a couple of thoughts myself, but im going to concentrate on the DS removal. As someone who plays almost exclusively solo, unless mobs get a rebalance i see this making my game play experience just tank like crazy. Now perhaps that's a little extreme and i will reserve final judgement till they release everything, however as it stands dealing with ogres that pop at the same time without having a seriously beefy wall in front of them.....yeah that just isn't going to happen if you remove DS. Of course this is just an assumption based on how crit works in pretty much every other game out there, that being that crit is a chance to deal double dmg for one hit. Ok so you have a FB tower, and it does 4k dmg per hit. Well i have a crit chance of 40%, so 40% of the time that tower will do 8k dmg instead of 4k. Sorry but that just isn't going to make a big enough difference on something that has 800k hps (which some ogres do). Not before they move out of range of the tower and since you can't tank ogres except with very creative kiting/a squire built specifically for it you simply can't deal with two simultaneous ogres solo unless they are both heading to the same spot. Note that i'm not talking about ramparts but more specifically betsy at this point. Now even with the DS that i have on my builders (1k+ on all of them, app, squire, LA monk) in order to deal with the two ogres on ramparts i have two options. Remove my squire's cannon gear and put on a wall setup for the final wave, or slow one of the ogres down enough that the other one heads to the mid point solo and gives my towers the chance to focus it down before the other gets there again with me kiting to keep it from just demolishing my stuff. If DS is removed i truly do feel that unless dmg numbers are either increased, or mob hp's are adjusted on the big mobs (ogres, bosses) i think this is going to make the solo play virtually impossible unless you use specific combinations of heroes. And with the hero deck cap that is going to be very limiting on how you play the game. Now will i spend my time smashing my face into the keyboard trying to figure out a way around this, probably. Am i going to like doing it, no not really, simply because it is going to be very disheartening to know that something i was completely capable of doing by myself a month ago i can no longer do. I understand that this is meant to be a multi-player platform but honestly i don't find playing with others in this game as rewarding. There are simply to many trolls or people that want to be carried or just overall bad players that ruin the experience for me. So super long rant over. Just want to reiterate that this is all from the perspective of a pure solo player, it does not take into account multi-player at all.
  7. My only issue with the entire betsy fight, and this is completely from a solo perspective, the 10 second time with you respawning all the way back at map start. Now obviously some people don't have an issue with this, and maybe im just a mediocre player, but i just don't have enough time to accurately move and place towers to make sure that she dies. Especially since you have a very limited amount of space that is not clearly delineated on her platform to build on. Now one way around this at least for me, make a graphic change on the area you can build on so its easy visually to find where you can build and where you can't instead of wasting time just guessing and hoping. Now the only reason this causes me any issues is i play a light monk build and while aura's are big enough to hit her from the platform its really hard to place them accurately enough to allow them to be placed and actually get them down fast enough to get a few ups on them before the timer is over. So rant over i'll just list the two things i personally would like to see changed. And this is an either or thing both of them do not need to happen as the encounter is obviously able to be beaten and i have beaten it in a group, just not solo. (incursion normal/hard) Increase the build timer to 20-30 seconds to give people time to not only adjust but prep for last wave Make it a cleaner graphic color change to indicate are building is possible or as others have put forth in the thread just make the whole platform able to be built upon. P.S. Only problem with the suggestion of having the entire platform open to towers is that you will almost invariably end up with people stacking traps/aura's right under her and just letting that take care of her but this is already possible as it currently stands so not sure that it matters.
  8. So have you only played 15 hours total or 15 hours since the new patch? Cause if you've only played 15 hours total then i understand where the above comment came from. If you've been playing for a while then you should already know their plans to make money from non-gameplay influencing transactions, i.e. skins, gems, etc. And that the game is f2p once it is released. I suppose you could have been just comparing the either or possibility but i guess i feel like they've already established what the game is going to be in terms of final iteration (paid vs f2p) many times over so i suppose its the wording that you used that just kinda makes me wonder how long you've actually been participating in dd2. Based on the number of posts you've put up im going to assume that you are super new and in that case welcome, welcome, always glad to add another person to the dd2 family. Anyway i would totally be down for color changes whatever that may be. Honestly i think paying for dye with premium currency is probably one of the best idea's to actually make money, not that skins aren't. But i can guarantee people, myself included, would go totally nuts buying dye's to color their hero's. So super agree there.
  9. I pretty much have to concur with the sentiment that 8 hours to hatch a pet....yeah that's just not going to really work. Now if it was say 8 hours to hatch a legendary pet, and like 30 mins to hatch the base level pets, i could get behind that. But we don't have legendary pets yet (except maybe the betsy egg but thats going to take forever for anyone to grind out), and all we get is a bunch of eggs as everyone so far has said that are useless. Honestly i don't see a need for the 8 hour timer...i really don't even see the need for hatching at all. Why not just give us the pets. The pet food and everything else that you have implemented works peachy in my mind. Yeah it would be nice if pet food would stack, but i personally just feed everything i have to the pet im trying to grow after every tavern visit. So i personally don't have any need for them to stack at this point. So really the 8 hour timer is the only thing that makes me just go......uhhhhhhhhh yeah no. Especially since the pets we have access to hardly do anything at this point. I mean mine does like 110+ dps, so there is no way waiting for that long is actually needed or worthwhile for anyone involved. P.S.- i actually did read everything you wrote. SO GIMME MY COOKIE!!!! nom nom :-D
  10. Of these three only one of them fits with the recurring statement made by the devs. That statement being that they will no allow the game to be pay to win. The reason the first one doesn't fit is that this makes zero sense as is already eluded to because its sooooo.....flipping......boring.....which means new heroes essentially bring nothing new to the game other than the toon looks different. Number two is obviously completely against the zero pay to win model trendy is attempting to stick to. So that leaves the last one which again seems to be exactly what trendy is trying to do. Make all their money from cosmetics and fluff, and keep game play completely out of the money side of things. Honestly i'm really happy that this is the way they are trying to do things. Now achieving things and working hard in the game to unlock a hero i can get behind. It creates rewards and also adds to the games longevity. But if trendy decides to just release the new hero's wen they are created, i'm good with that also.
  11. I honestly did not know there was an issue with the auras not getting hp from stats. With your above suggestion I might start using my monk again and free a few setups again.As for traps running out of charge, I think they should simply lay dormant until more mana is added, recharging the traps. As for auras, once the hp for towers and auras is fixed, I suggest leave it. Well all i know is that no matter how much tower hp you have it won't show at least graphically unless you do what i listed. I've had one person tell me its just a graphics bug, and that you always get the tower hp applied no matter what. However in my exp, unless i do this i spend a ton of mana repairing aura's mid round and i don't if i do this. So no real idea who's right but im going to continue using it till i find a reason not too.
  12. So personally i do disagree with quite a bit of what has been said in this thread, particularly things against how the game is currently being played. However i won't go into that myself because i think most of my responses have actually been said. However in response to this post i will give you my build that i clear ramparts incursion solo. Huntress: DHP and DP geared (not dps at all) Squire: DP and DS geared (not dps at all) Monk: Boost +/DHP (again not a dps toon) I have cleared this map with all three of these toons active....and almost no kiting used btw. Granted this build has only worked in the turtle strat for me so far but i think its mostly due to the fact that i currently don't have my monk and hunt fully geared for how i want this to work without turtling. I have cleared ramparts solo and multiplayer with myself being the only builder used, so im not using contributions from anyone. Oh and if it wasn't already clear....this is on hard mode not normal. I place 20 cannons in the center, 5 facing the sides, 10 facing the center. One boost over the center towers. I place the standard two spike walls on the sides to draw the ranged in. One light aura over each of the 4 choke points, along with 2 geysers on each of the lights. Aside from the upgrade path i follow thats the build. Now this build does require that your squire have 900/900 DP/DS minimum to clear but its totally doable without using a single dps toon as the game stands. And honestly that's exactly how the devs want it. While you having to be active is a wonderful thing imo, i also do not want to be forced to having to build and only use my dps toons as i was in dd1. The only way to gear your builders to split screen and bring your builders into the game that way. This was quite frankly a very poor way to do things. But to each their own opinion. So anyway there's how i beat ramparts without a single dps toon in my deck on hard mode.
  13. Stacking tower hp on a monk at this moment works, but only works if you follow a simple easy build path, which is also annoying. Aura's do not scale with tower hp at this particular moment, which hopefully gets addressed in the future because it really is something that needs addressed. But im sure it will because if you use the trick im about to state your tower hp stats get applied to the aura. Stack a whole bunch of tower hp onto your monk....Take all your gear off.....drop all your auras.....put your gear back on....once your gear is back on your aura's will receive all the tower hp benefits that should be there from the start. I've seen anywhere from 400%-675% on a fully upped aura using this. So im sure once they fix that and make it happen naturally this issue really won't even matter. Even with 20+ towers stacked into a boost aura in ramparts incursion with 400% hp you will never need to repair during a wave, and that's including in hard which i've cleared with 20 cannons inside the boost. Thats just my personal experience/opinion.
  14. Bug form submitted. Thanks butter.
  15. Definitely still doesn't change anything, after hitting both defaults (which changed all the settings except the key mapping), i then hit apply, and still the same situation. So i'll be submitting a bug form as butter asked. But thank you for your responce.
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