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  1. Game Feedback is literally the GAME FEEDBACK It's neither just PC or just PS4. PS4 Feedback and Discussion is things pertaining directly to the PS4 game that are different on PC So why wasn't a link posted in the PS4 forums? Trendy setup a PS4 only area but only put the survey in the PC area? As we all know the "General Discussion" is for the PC players.
  2. PS4 only players like myself never seen this thread because it is in the PC only area. So we never get to participate nor give our thoughts - once again we are left out: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/134497/community-survey-place?page=1[[11065,hashtags]] Seriously - why is this posted only there? Why can't there be a cross thread or links from the PS4 forums? Trendy do you really not care about what the PS4 players think?
  3. Your prayers was given a random number that is answered in a random order. Please wait a random amount of time before asking for an update.
  4. Can you please post a link to the Dev Log that corresponds to this update?
  5. I have to agree with a lot of the comments here. At first I was really active in DD2 especially in the beginning, but they keep making changes causing the gameplay to become boring and uninspired. I will return once this game is actually a game and no longer an alpha/beta (if it ever leaves that state), but until then Trendy has lost me.
  6. I loved DD1 because I could always solo every board and only use Towers - no need for DPS. If DD2 is evolving away from that - then I will be done with the game. i will wait and see if they change that stance, but it would be a shame to see Trendy really move away from the core gameplay that was DD1.
  7. Are you saying that solo play is not possible on end game? Do you require DPS on end game? I haven't picked the game back up since the new patch, so I haven't tried. Are you saying that nm4 is really only for groups and if you primarily run solo because all your friends have left the game - then you might as well leave as well?
  8. I love how everyone keeps saying it is Pre-Alpha/Alpha/not finished product... However, the truth of the matter is that Trendy DID NOT need to completely re-roll all the items in your inventory - now did they? They could have spent the time to lower the gear to the new iPWR level and keep the attributes currently on the gear (just lowering the values to match the current level). I can't answer for the OP but that is my complaint. I have a VERY unlucky (I guess only I) re-roll of all my gear. Out of 50 pieces of gear in my inventory and 6 level 50 toons -> I can't create 1 toon with fu
  9. I was solo farming Nimbus Reach Onslaught Incursion to level 30 if I wanted. Had over 400K walls and still looking for perfect gear. However, Please understand that my complaint is the total reset of all attributes. I have many other games I want to play right now and I am quite interested in games coming out soon. I just do not have the time to start all over again - again. As for how difficult it would have been for Trendy to just keep the attributes and set them to related IPWR level - nobody knows how difficult that would have been. Trendy themselves would have to answer that. Anybo
  10. Agree I have played a few MMORPGS and to date I have NEVER had one reset all my gear to lower levels and then re-roll all the attributes to make them useless. I can understand rolling them back to a lower level, but to randomize the stats instead of just lowering them to what would be acceptable on that lower IPWR level. There is no way I can re-run 1 board and be back to 300K defense health(or have any builder in decent shape). It will take hours/days to get decent gear back. BTW - MOST MMOs that I have played just extend the level cap or add new weapons/armor that everyone wants - no
  11. so in one match you were able to refarm all your hearty blockade gear? Because when my gear re-rolled every piece lost its hearty blockage and they all went hero attack - no hero health or defense health.
  12. DD2 is the first game where we can't set our "private tavern" to invite only. How many games have you played that does not allow an Invite only mode? That functionality is what (I belive) to OP is referring to. Another issue not mentioned is that in my private tavern if one of my friends join, then any of their friends can join through them (including the communities they belong to). Basically, the solution is to allow an option for an Invite only mode/option. This can be easily achieved with a networking mode option in the game options menu -> Private Tavern - allow friends or Invite
  13. Downgraded to iPwr 240 - fine. I can understand that but to fully re-roll all attributes making all my characters useless .... Well hopefully you can understand my frustration. I would love to hear if what happened to my gear is how they intended the re-roll to be or some kind of bug - before I start trying again.
  14. Yes, I can understand the rollback but why were all the stats just randomly re-assigned? At this time, I had full iPWR 800+ legendary gear on some of my toons with good/great defense stats. Now my gear is iPWR 240 but all the defense stats are gone. My huntress dedicated to traps now has all hero gear stats where it was all defense gear stats. Seriously, So far all of my toons are mixed up and have useless gear on them. I am going to have to start the grind over at the beginning not at iPWR 240 where I should be able to start. Please explain....
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