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  1. Fellow defenders, Though youtube is still processing it (so if you want it in anything higher than 480p, wait for about an hour before viewing it) time has come for the normal bump with the embedded youtube player in it /DDFreeRunsByRequest
  2. Fellow defenders, For those who missed it - it's now fully ready on Youtube, and be seen below using the embedded player /DDFreeRunsByRequest
  3. [[64025,users]] - I will if I see it again, but in that particular situation I just wanted to clarify if the servers were down (the ones I'd be accessing here from Europe) or not - as a bug report would be rather silly if it was just maintenance I was not aware of :) /snif
  4. Just started working - so must've been something between or on the servers then.
  5. Hi, Basically clicking the "Play" button from the main screen yields the 3 following steps (have tried rebooting the machine, restarting steam and the game numerous times): Intializing game resources Searching for session GameSessionNotReady I don't know if it's simply the nodes I'm being sent to (I'm in Spain) which are not functioning properly or if it's something more globally affecting happening. Playverse version: 311.0 Steam package version: 1432945530 Operating system: Windows 8.1 64bit ISP: AS3352 /sniffy
  6. Fellow defenders, For those who didn't get to watch it - you can now watch it directly on youtube (embedded video below) P.S. Somehow the forums bugged up the youtube player, so readded. /DDFreeRunsByRequest
  7. [[43252,users]] - I'd be interested in knowing how this work around works (I was under the impression that Youtube moved away from /user/XX to /c/XX - and in the process all newer channels created after the change, could never get a /user/XX url mapping). How would the proper format be for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr846SC1H5s&list=PLAECHm-MHA2QmYI8Z4fHRd98OwisJtFYF&index=1 ? The real /c mapping is https://youtube.com/c/ddfrbreq (as our custom channel name is ddfrbreq). /snif
  8. Hi, If one is a Firefox user (I didn't notice this thread - but started digging for it before posting about this bug), simply find the developer console, and paste the following into the console (there's only useless caching elements in the local storage anyway, and it's easier than navigating and deleting local storage elements at current with Firefox): while (localStorage.length) localStorage.removeItem(localStorage.key(0)); /snif
  9. Fellow defenders, Those who didn't get to watch the stream, can simply watch it directly here using the embedded player below (we did not get to give away the DD2 steam key, so for next time we hope there'll be enough people in the stream chat, so we can gift upon one of our viewers a DD2 steam key!). /DDFreeRunsByRequest
  10. Gracious bump so people do not forget the tasty stream! /snif
  11. I'll just put on note on that - if you guys are paying for that server, might be better to just use our public one (512 slots - and not near full). We (DDFreeRunsByRequest) offer usage of our TS3 server free for DD gamers. Anyone who needs info on how to use it - can simply follow Katherine's guide on this subject. /snif
  12. Hi, Since I'm much less of a word smith than KatherineOfSky - I'll just post the link to her thread on this topic (you might want to check that out :) /snif
  13. We've already seen quite a few new people in the steam group, and it's amazing to see the DD2 part of the group grow day by day. I see Katherine didn't mention the fact that we have a 512 slot teamspeak server (non-profit licenses takes ages to get, but hopefully the time was well spent when people start using it more over time!) Look forward to more knowledge sharing happening, and more DD2-likeminded fun happening in our group. See you all there! //sniffy co-founder & admin of DDFreeRunsByRequest
  14. Quite a few of these have been hitting us during our first play through. I'll take notes and make sure to say it's in the hotfix if questions on these issues comes up from our viewers in the stream tonight. Looking forward to seeing the hotfix go live :) /sniffy
  15. curtisgk - I'll say it one more time, and that's about it: We do not want to share pictures publicly as we view it as sensitive information. You're free to have your stand that your list is "as good", and equally entitled to having an opinion about this as regards to "accountability". If you really believe in smudging us that way - I'd be more in doubt if this is a personal vendetta (though I have no idea what I did to you personally, in fact when you left the group you sent me a PM asking for certain data to be removed, but I have yet to receive a response to what I asked you about in that
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