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  1. Sucks to wait the whole day to realize that the update will drop at around 23:59 ^^
  2. Some points on the roadmap have July 2020 as a tag, so I guess the next update will be released by the end of july (especially massacre survival).
  3. It's not always 200DM, just for C7 items (I think 50 for C1 or something). But overall a good guide ! ;)
  4. Today on PS4, game crashed 2 times after proceeding to next map. First time after around 6 wins and second time after 2 wins. Unlucky for my shard farming tho. (both times in expeditions chaos1)
  5. So when I have a C1-Shard with 5bars mod (high one). Should I transfer it directly to my C7-Shard or first evolve all the way to C7 and then transfer it? I heard the bars of the mod won't change but the stats through Chaos levels will. So what's the optimal path here ? :D
  6. Damn missed it then. :/ Anyways as it is right now, it's not fun for me to play with such restricted inventory space.
  7. Dungeon Defenders is my favorite Game ever (played DD1 and DDE soo much). I really don't mind playing with like 10 fps on my ps4. But the inventory space in this game is limiting me soooo much. I can't even enjoy playing through this game because my inventory is constantly full with all the shards hoarding (and that's before the update, I guess it will become even worse). Maybe you could put inventory space, vault slots or gems on sale in celebration for the upcoming anniversary or completely rework it (I won't pay 30 bucks for some bags really...sorry). Would very appreciate it. Give us some
  8. I prefer this system more then the beta one to be honest so it's just personal preference. And yes there are some big problems with this game but Ascension system out of all things is a very positive feature. It keeps you playing longer and it also gives you the feeling that you aren't playing for nothing and wasting your time but you get something out of your time - sure it's not much but at least something. ;) And yeah people take ascension level as an indicator for "power" although it is't most of the time. I rarely play public but i noticed this "insta kick low-level ascension people"-prob
  9. Well when your blue didn't had like 9k defense power, sure the dps will decrease by aaaaa looooottt. :s
  10. Double XP only reason im playing 2 weekends in a row :x
  11. Let's take any mmorpg where you fight a super ultra dungeon raid boss or anything like this. It's clear that if you go and group up with your guild or other people, that you will have an easier time than fighting this boss solo - 10 people against the boss vs 1 people against the boss. But in dungeon defenders the super ultra world boss is easy enough fought solo by players than a random group of 4 players. This game is really cool don't get me wrong - Dungeon Defenders is one of my best games (DD1, DD2 and even DDEternity). But the developers failed on the multiplayer aspect of the game prett
  12. I played the whole game solo. Playing online with other people could make some fun and you won't feel alone in this game but it is sooooo much slower really. And that's because people don't know how to get carried properly. Just drop your mana at the beginning, instant press g after every round and upgrade repair defenses... Playing online is only worth with friends or people who are actually willing to play. + playing with more people doesn't bring any advantage to the table. Monsters have more hp so if the other people aren't dps dudes on current chaos gear, it's just harder and you won't
  13. Actually a great idea with the shield break from geodes when they absorb x amount of damage :D
  14. Sure they are different enemies who need different strategies. The only problem with projectile towers is that they are completly countered by geods or how they are called. But thats okay, isn't it ? So mixing your build with different towers is the way to go ! I could switch wm to flame auras, explosive traps or anything else (don't know about flamethrower tower tho). But in my opinion the very few projectile towers available to us are okay. Only thing I would like is more balance between those towers because there are for sure some towers that are much much stronger.
  15. My c7 half-afk build on every map is squire walls, weapon manufacturer, sky guards and CANON BALL TOWER. Where is the problem with those "projectile towers" ? Before canon balls I used poison dart and they worked too so... :D
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