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  1. haha this ones like fun!! DEF gonna be a challenge . cant wait!!
  2. signed up ..im excited to see what its all about ..hopefully i didnt wait to long to sign up tho :/
  3. i had fun it was a good event. Heer was a great host!! Thanks to the event team for hosting events!!!
  4. The event was a blast and definitely a challenge . Heer was a great host! The event items are sweet loving the skyrim theme. Thanks to my team we won!! Cant wait to see whats next
  5. The event was alot of fun!! Big thanks to the people who made it happen! ,,as for you retreads who cant read and wanna cry cause you didnt get in ,,,well i donno learn to read. The people who take the time to make these events possible deserve respect ! They dont have to do these events for us they CHOOSE to! so be grateful people.
  6. had a blast doing the event!!! It was def a challenge but we won wwooohhooo,,,Beastly you are a awsome host as usual !! thanks to my team mates JYMMERZ and Eyeofalpaca!!! we rocked this woot woot . Keep up the good work guys ,,btw the items were awsome...( can we have neon skittles that change color) hint hint .....please lol
  7. The event was a blast!! BEASTLY was a amazing host!!! Im def exicted about what event could be next...anyways THANK YOU to everyone who makes the events possible! :) :)
  8. it was a awsome time!!!!! That was my frist event and had a blast ..Thank you for bringing back events ..hope to play more ..thanks agine to everyone who made it happen :)
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