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  1. psn coletrain-go is any one on line so get free event item ?
  2. psn coletrain-go is any way get donkey thanks
  3. wow i am on line now couldn't get on last nite hope that i can still get donkey
  4. psn coletrain-go let see if fine you . you always number 1in my book
  5. what great job you do for community thanks you
  6. looking for tower weapon for monk lv 83 only have kairi the Brave 97 upgrade willing to trade thanks for your time my psn coletrain-go
  7. ATT hostpls invite. for event item thank you. had lot fun see at next event
  8. i maid it . thanks to trandy team all host it would be my honor
  9. coletrain-goany time tuesday 9/17 ID coletrain-go
  10. Hello & thank you to all members of the team involved in the making of the emporiuom!!.. Also signed up for the event emporium event.. ;)
  11. Thank you to all event host's & trendy team for event & items keep up the good work guys ;).. Looking forward to future events..
  12. Im a lil confused can i bring in staff from dlc with 50+ for towers? Am i allowed to attack as well or is it strictly a build like in pure strategy?..
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