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  1. Ya I can not beat nm4 either, and can never find anyone playing those levels either. Add me psn:kitrider383
  2. First one I bought also and its no good at all.
  3. I agree. I try to play sometimes but its so hard to move around, so I quit playing.
  4. Well I wasn't going to play either but I got on this morning and it works.
  5. Everytime I check the inverted y axis box under options it won't save. Anyone else with this problem or know of a fix?
  6. I have not done many aquanos runs, but no I have not seen higher. Anyone else?
  7. I have a yellow Lil Carnage event pet that acts like a guardian and not an animus, but what is the purpose of the additional generic damage and the projectile speed? Does it actually do anything on them?
  8. I should be able to help tonight also. Psn: kitrider383
  9. It was fun, wyverns were the only real pain. Letting us play with teams again was great.
  10. No problem here, I have only played it with 2 people thou.
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