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  1. I made a post with bad Mage AI, decided to instead make a bad AI compilation and uploaded it to YouTube, and when I tried deleting the bad mage AI clip attached to the thread it wouldn't stay deleted for some reason so I asked for help. You then came and deleted my YouTube link and I assumed you were just messing with me because I asked
  2. I really truly hope this won't be a thing in the full release though. Imagine getting 0 stat pets for beating your first /////// Hardcore Survival map.
  3. They couldn't hurt the crystal before... like... how do they forget that? lol funny. Never actually had that happen before but I guess i never really played DD with all chars at a low level. Still i'd take Ogre's slipping by over Kobolds and Skeletons any day.
  4. No their mage spawns them on walls for them to run down off of. I'd say their massively more difficult to deal with than DD1 Skeletons. At least in DD1 they couldn't kill the crystal after death and took damage from your towers...
  5. So combating ninja skeletons revived by mages is hard enough but how am I supposed to combat immortal skeletons that literally take no damage and can also kill the crystal after death? Anyone know the trick? Edit: Added video. Loses audio because lazy AMD and sutters/freezes because I made the clip immediately after I killed the Skeleton with Right Click attack not expecting it to ghost kill the crystal... Really Chromatic Games....mp4
  6. Okay but you probably only need 1 DPS and 3 builders anyways so... after you're level 100 you likely can do Nightmare maps and just power 4 more characters (even more so if each splitscreen can have a hero deck of their own) in a few hours. Not sure why you quote'd your other thread though. Would have been better if you provided comparisons between Deeper Well and Lab on Insane from DD1 and DDA. Only thing your numbers show are that it requires less EXP to reach level 71 meaning it probably requires less EXP overall. I'm guessing level 100 will require 1B EXP most likely.
  7. Really leveling your hero's up doesn't do much other than letting you use stronger gear. Still though investing the time to get all your main hero's to level 100 should be seen as an achievement not something every player will do within their first 100 to 200 hours of playing the game. Maybe if they cut the overall EXP gain (wouldn't be a fan personally) or maybe increased the level cap or removed it entirely (which could open an entirely new grind) I could see this as being fine but as it stands i'm still really not a fan of leveling all your characters at once with no effort on your part. Also i'd like to say that if i were to break my #1 most important apart into the 3 the forced levels would be #1, followed by the items (although this could change due to me hearing promising things about it), and then followed by the shared EXP. I combined them all into 1 because they all effect the first one especially when combined with it.
  8. Decided to finally do a tower breakdown. Not the greatest breakdown in the world but oh well. Please let me know your thoughts. Edit: Added color :D!
  9. I've actually found myself healing traps maybe once a round up to wave 16. Even in DD1 I think the highest HP traps only had like 400 uses depending on how much you invest into HP. My traps not focused on HP while almost max upgraded have 40-50 uses which seems reasonable tbh. Although I've invested entirely into damage on my traps and a lot into my aura's so really they're only used often late game and against ogre's (which they just absolutely nuke off). I'm sure when the game is out trap HP along with aura HP will likely fix itsself as we get near endgame like in DD1. Until then you'll just have to deal with healing your incredibly OP killer once or twice per wave and placing them where mobs won't easily get to.
  10. Just going to copypaste my idea for this that should work in fixing it. Doesn't fix people buying the game 4 times and running it with 4x players though but if they're that dedicated i'd say let them do it. The point of my idea is to simply make it easier to not run splitscreen for extra items rather than getting rid of it entirely. If anyone can think of a better way at handling this please say so.
  11. Best way to counter them is having decent sized auras and fast resetting traps. Also if you're having range problems with your Fireball towers i'd suggest upgrading them. You get a pretty massive increase per upgrade on range so they can probably reach the kobolds before they get to your Spike Blockaids if you do. Assuming you're using a normal Aura stack+blockaid blocker+proxy/thunder+fireball build that is.
  12. Ah yea then maybe but nothing is there that could kill them so...
  13. What? Mages don't summon Skeletons from anything I think. They just summon them in what seems to be a random location around them. My friend has seen Skeletons be summoned in such crazy places where no mob should be (they instantly die though apparently). Then again Spider Archer is a thing so...
  14. Mod wanted to mess with me so I just simply made a new post. Title says it all really.
  15. Don't worry I fixed the post. I'll just create another one then.
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