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  1. Like literally won't work or aesthetically won't work? I doubt it's the latter because we're talking about a game that hides your stats in an out of the way ugly square box with text because it's not important. Still I doubt it's the former- Oh wow I was under the impression this entire time we could DRAG items lol I guess it's more complicated than I thought. Sure blows my mind how bare bones and console oriented this game is. Still it shouldn't be too difficult as a majority of the things required for it to work smoothly are already in the game in the form of the item filters "pockets" could literally just flag an item inside with a specific filter. Not that anyone outside of your friends would see it now anyways as shops and waiting for your tavern to fill up before starting isn't even a thing these days lol. Maybe the occasional guy who sticks around when you go to switch maps?
  2. Just like to drop in to say that I used Jester as my main frontal DPS (Harpoon/FB replacement, not DST/ET replacement) and found their tower to be much more versatile than the Squire's harpoon due to it's low DU requirements and similar DPS. So yea I disagree with you saying they were underpowered, in fact I believe if they were added to DDA with all it's glory (none of this DD1 ET vs DDA ET bs) they would likely be apart of the meta even if Genie Upgrade Farms are no longer a thing.
  3. So today while brainstorming for ways to improve the inventory system I've come up with an amazing idea! I'd like to call it "Pocket Box" and the way it works is you can create "Pockets" inside of your inventory, and maybe even in your tavern, that you can put items you truly care about, such as event items or just important items to you, inside of where the only way you can interact the items is by opening the "Pocket". I know this might seem a bit out there to some, but I do hope you at least give it a though. I've even thought about how difficult this may be to introduce and came to the conclusion that if the entire team decides to pull some 20 hour work days we could see this implemented in as little as 8 weeks! Yes this is satire, just give us folders already.
  4. Either this http://prntscr.com/ral36o or this: http://prntscr.com/ral3c6
  5. Should probably rewrite this to clear confusion. It should read "If you did not receive a Beta key, and are a Kickstarter Backer, not a preorder, make sure you have filled out the surveys that were sent to your registered Kickstarter E-mails from "Backerkit". If that survey is not filled out, then the Beta key is not sent. If you preordered the $34 and $100 tiers through the kickstarter, your additioner beta keys will come on Friday (Nov. 22nd). If you made a normal Preorder after the Kickstarter your keys will arrive on Friday (Nov. 22nd)." To make things clearer for those confused (even I missed the "with the rest of the preorder keys." part at the end and glossed over the part about it going to Kickstarter backers first). Might have been worth even adding it as a pinned forum post as I assume many people don't read the updates or if they do don't read them or if they do skim over things. Making things as unconfusing as possible is definitely a must.
  6. I see there's now a ton of Chinese bots that flooded the forums and weren't immediately removed. I assume that means the forums are now dead?
  7. Thing is I have tried avoiding it by running around but as soon as I get any where close to the boss I instantly hear like 5 or so rapid fire crunches and see loads of my HP has gone missing. I don't think I have ever really heard the attack while playing Aquanos. I guess that explains what the arrow looking thing I saw once was. Still though they should fix the boss in that case. It absolutely spams it when trying to play solo when you're close to it and their isn't really any way to dodge it as far as I can see.
  8. Title says it all. Thanks. Edit: I should probably edit and say I don't believe that any boss should have an invisible attack that is unavoidable that removes 100k HP every half a second with the only indication being a "CRUNCH" noise. I mean even Unfair Mario (a game meant to be unfair) gives you the ability to memorize the map as you play to complete it. This is just plain stupid.
  9. The point was using another AOE weapon that can reach the crystals and other various glitches is just as bad as using the BF Drill and normal glitches. I was also more or less saying that it was impossible without using glitches (glitches things not intended by the developer to happen) to beat the time limit (not the EV's or anything) of which my friend proved me wrong shortly after I said that. It takes about 1/2 of the effort if instead of a barb the second player goes with a monk with 1k + hero boost No I already know I am wrong. Haven't tried to do lab normally in a very long time and overestimated it quite a bit. My friend actually proved me wrong by doing it without using any glitches anyways. Off topic side note: i'm seriously getting tired of using these insanely poorly made forums and their insane bugs that keep ruining my replies and attempting to get me to double post repeatedly >.>. Quite frustrating.
  10. Okay now do it like he said? Not using any "glitches"? Meaning: Kill all EV's (not have them commit suicide), don't AOE kill crystal, and don't use the traps doing no damage glitch... He didn't actually state the traps doing no damage glitch but I assume that's also one of them that he wanted to be patched.
  11. Going to drive me crazy seeing achievements I should have that I can't get because they haven't been enabled >.>.
  12. Issue with fixing these issues is that Nightmare is quite literally impossible no matter what gear you have unless due to pets not being allowed to attack or anything (of which pets have wall hacks so they would kill the crystals through walls in that case). Although you are right about it taking a lot of learning to figure out how to get the best gear and also a lot of grinding (which speeds up dramatically) to get "good" (low end to most players) gear. Also accessories can really only be farmed on Lab Assault and a few other maps sadly. Really though this is just a mess Trendy left us with after releasing the incredibly imbalanced Nightmare mode (not really at first) and corresponding gear to go with it making once the best gear in the game barely be able to beat nightmare on many maps. There's not much you can really do about it though now other than making tweaks to allow getting to nightmare easier but really once you get to 1k stats through a fish and some semi-decent gear on your characters farming becomes incredibly easy and you're granted the ability to defeat most maps. Once you get to 2k-2.5k (granted you have decent side stats) you can beat literally everymap with the exception of like 3 and a fair few survival maps. Edit: The actual main reason most people quit the game (in my experience) is that they DON'T want to learn any of this stuff and joined a Tavern Defense game and got leveled up to like level 80 on like 2 chars within a few hours and have low end Myth gear on those chars and complain about how they can't farm any maps for better gear.
  13. Anyone know when the new achievments will be enabled? Obviously I can't get the Temple of Water one until the map is out but it's bugging me not being able to at least get to 110/112 in preperation for the new update >.>.
  14. Well let's start off with 3 things. 1. I'd personally suggest getting a 400 stat weapon for all of your chars by running Akatiti and Bucc (bucc for huntress weps). 2. I'd also personally suggest running either Moonbase for fish, TD InsaneHCMM for Kabolds, or farming skelly's (I think WW insaneHCMM?) for the 500-600 stats they give you. 3. Get your chars to 100 or close to 100 (at least 90) using splitscreen and doing TD NMHC (skip boss) or TD NMPS (not recommended because it's slow) and restart on like wave 25) Note: If you get your chars to 100 i'd suggest farming Moonbase for ToT's by getting 42 on DDR since they can get to 800 hard (can spawn with up to 800) and 700 soft (can upgrade to 700). Beyond that i'd suggest running Aquanos or Sky City and if you can't do those run Misty if you can't run Kings Game. You can also run LA on Insane/NM for trans, if you're lucky a Supreme or 2, and accessories. Although you should be able to run KG at that point since you will be getting 985 for your levels, 400 from weps, and roughly 600-700 each stat with a ToT (500-600 if fish/kabold/skelly) which puts you at 1900 just from pets and levels for your tower damage.
  15. 1st. Disconnect timer: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/144349/idea-connection-loss-timer-instead-of-instant-kick-during-private-game 2nd. Allow me to remove the mob spawns billboard that covers 90% of Moonbase (even sits over armor drops as well!) during survival forcing me to navigate with only the map. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/817810804108166448/1D90805916F5FDF0E4CD10DF10AD827BE6C1A253/ 3rd. A check list of things that should show up on map with colors of your choosing (I have cursed and godly builders and finding armor would be made a lot feasier if I could choosing to exclude mythical only from my drops for map and give them like black as a drop color) 4th. Sensitivity = Number instead of slider. Helps for people playing at above 2k DPI.
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