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  1. I had the luck to get it from the first special mob me and my friends encountered :P
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    Please add this to the game!
  3. Yes, pre-patch weapons get their stats altered by new patches. For example, if a weapon got 100 damage befora a patch and they get buffed by 10% they get 110 damage after the patch.
  4. No idea what they're worth. You get them from Ogre Crush (Med & Hard) http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/PC_Challenges
  5. I suggest you read this before posting more ^^ http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?4962-Current-%287.05c%29-and-Upcoming-%287.06%29-Patch-Notes [quote]* Fixed chatbox getting stuck during level transitions[/quote]
  6. The High Five Can't really remember the exact base damage but I think it was around 100.
  7. Reply with the item you'd like to buy and an offer. I'm quite poor in-game so I'm not looking for any high offers. Wick Cutter Staff of The High ArchWizard Perpetual Motion Flame Warder Defense Reconstructor The High Five Epic Flaming Cutter Warp Stabilizer The Aggressor The Incubator PS: Please also tell me if a link is incorrect or if you want another screenshot at the mana value of an item.
  8. Wrong place, my bad >.
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