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  1. I just pull 227 lemurian buuuut minus 16 tower health 9 on speed and 11 area of effect... For 78 buuuuu
  2. In that case I need any of the aquanos weapons with more that 110 I never had 1 better then that lol
  3. The dream of any legit player?? Jummmmm a patch for DD no more dup no more mod... Oh yeah!!! What u guys think?
  4. Dam sad man!! Well I got 3 new people playing this and that will be a good start for them if u willing to do that just let me know... And if u ever come back let me know I help u out
  5. OMG i didnt wake it :( ... Oh well good luck every body and most inportant thing keep farming people
  6. I just start playing on ipad and need a lol help lvl up if Anyone likes to help let me know... Not Sure how to add someone but ill Find out eventualy...
  7. Hey can anybody tell me if I buy the game to my laptop can i pass that Same game to my desktop??
  8. Well I dnt have the best armor but I can help u out with some add me joshy-la-chata
  9. Heck Yeah thanks too all of u guys, u are thr ones that make This community get bigger... Its something new and im preaty Sure Its gonna be so epic. So ones Again thank u all!!!
  10. Niceee Thanks dredd for more new opportunities on the DD community!!!
  11. I know Its late but uf u still wanna doo ramos my PSN is joshy-la-chata
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