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  1. A long time ago, probably a year or so, I had this issue with the game where when im in a game and I quick swap characters i will only see a weapon and i don't have access to my skills/towers. I then would have to change into a 3rd character to fix the issue and then often it will happen again when i switch after that. It seemed to have fixed itself for the longest time, but today when i logged on I started having the same issue yet again. I tried validated my game files and there was 1 bad file that was replaced and then they were all good when i ran the scan again. After that I logged back i
  2. Towers only, diversity, and nothing destroyed just seems ridiculous... especially with geodes in the mix and only 800 DU. I've spent more than 10 hours of playtime on this challenge ALONE and cannot seem to beat it. I've tried solo, duo, trio, and full party with players from the discord and nothing ever seems to work. I've researched other people's builds from race day and anything I can find on youtube and none of the builds I have tried does the damage needed. One dps hero dies and its game over because your walls are going to die or the hex throwers hit your core. And all of this before
  3. So for the last couple weeks the game has been glitchy for me. I've tried verifying the integrity of my game files through steam and each time i do it says 1 file fails to validate. I reacquire and play a few games and then it happens again. I've even tried reinstalling the whole game but it just keeps coming back. The bugs I'm seeing are: - When quick swapping heroes either only my weapons will show or the previous hero body will be with the new hero's weapons. Either way I am unable to perform any actions until i switch to a third hero to reset the bug - After a game is finished the post gam
  4. Hey guys! Returning to the game after a long time (since before shards) and I'm currently stuck in my progression so I think i need some more shards like the range shard. I can farm solo easily but its boring so im looking for a group that can clear C3 public maps quicker than my c4 gear. Thanks! Steam ID: xxzeuswarriorxx
  5. My game is stuck on the main screen after "initializing game resources". It will say "finding session" then just a black loading screen
  6. I think the problem is that regardless of your argument about rarity tiers (which i understand is significant with small ipwr gaps), a legendary 100 item should not be stronger than a powerful 250 item when scaled. That is the problem with scaling, it brings them all to a lower level, so the rarity matters more than the base ipwr of the said items.
  7. At the risk of sounding dumb, which patch was this? I could swear just yesterday my auras had a Dmg Bonus% on them, now it just says Bonus DP.
  8. So I haven't played for a little while, so im not 100% on all of the nerfs/updates that have happened. However the boost aura seems to be completely useless after Wipeageddon when i came back. I have tested multiple times and here is what the results were: Cannon Ball tower + Boost Aura Base Atk Dmg = 918 Base Dmg bonus = 53% Buffed Atk Dmg = 1003 That is +85 Atk Dmg... Not quite 53%; in fact it is right about 09.26% (not even worth the mana). Not sure what kind of "balancing" was done or if it just an overlooked mistake, but without tower attack speed, and the boost tower being flawe
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