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  1. I am glad someone took the time to sum up all the things currently wrong with the game. Definitely agree.
  2. This monthly reward already made me want to pull my hair out in spite of how lazy the content has been for a long time now, so if this upcoming Hero Deck tease is a letdown i think it's time to put the game back on the shelf.
  3. Cosmetics. Everyone loves cosmetics (not titles)
  4. This has to be the worst monthly reward as of yet. Even the bad monthly pets were more interesting than this. Not to mention that we don't even get tokens for doing this... And as someone who already purchased the 16 ticket pack, the ticket is even more useless.
  5. Seems like Trendy are just mindlessly nerfing things that are slightly better than your average gear. Really kills the incentive to farm for it at all. The bow was fine.
  6. I must be very unfortunate then, since i've only found them with the spooky passives, and heard the same from others that i know. You guys are missing the point though, about them being nothing else than just a reskin, and not something unique.
  7. After running a map a couple of times i only get blue and myth chests and sometimes green for the remaining 40 runs i do it. Especially in ramparts. I don't recall legendary chests being that rare...
  8. So yeah, it makes close to no sense... See this Galactic Bow? Yeah, it shoots pumpkins. Cool huh? No. Not really. These weapons should be unique in their own way. Not just another boring re-skin of an already existing weapon. The game is already lacking in variety of weapons, and armor too, for that matter. We need more items that feel unique and worth the time farming for them. I really hope that Trendy is considering unique armor and accessories as well as variety of items and grinding goes well together and improves quality of life and longevity in a game such as this one by a huge amount.
  9. I hate the Hero Deck. It limits your build options and brings nothing good with it. Let us choose whatever hero we want to when playing!
  10. So i finished a game but the costume isn't in my wardrobe... Wasted ticket :/
  11. I wanted to comment on the issue with builds. Its really, really, really hard to try out new builds. This is a combination of two problems, the hero deck and matchmaking. A big part of the reason traps are so prominent is that you have no idea who you are going to queue into it. If you only bring a cannon squire, suddenly you might find yourself in a group with no magical damage, and you autolose to phys resist lanes. The hero deck means you are pressured into bringing traptress due to her ability to handle all lanes on one character. The combination of not knowing who is in your group, and the flexibility of traptress, results in builds being bad. The issue is not one of options, but of the combination of matchmaking and hero deck. I actually think a lot less people would complain about the hero deck if matchmaking was much more robust. I really, really, really dislike people using Alpha as a generic defense for a game. The game is free to play for everyone, there are no more content wipes, and they are facilitating micro transactions for cosmetics. I understand why they made the decisions they did, but people defend the game as being an alpha game. And it doesn't fly. Plenty of games on steam die in their alpha phase. They have early-access alpha, people try the game out, it isn't good, and they fail to get enough traction and fizzle out. You can't just say "oh its in alpha!" and use that to justify problems which are driving away the player base, and use it as a catch-all to dismiss any concerns. A game can absolutely die in the alpha phase, and the people bringing this up are ones who are concerned with that occurring. That said, I don't agree that that the game is dying. The new patch came out and there has been a slight upswing in the amount of players playing. Whether it is enough or not keep the game going, and whether or not it will remain at these levels after the holiday season I have no idea. But the fact that people did come back to the game when content was released indicates that the game is not on its way to being dead. Well they could've chosen not to let people participate in early testing at all. That would've rid them of all the complains. And since it's only alpha, use this time to post feedback. Seeing it as an excuse is more of an excuse to complain than anything. I'm just happy they're letting people help with everything this early into development, making it possible to shape a game around a lot of things other than the developers vision only.
  12. I like how people talk about a game in alpha being dead. It hasn't even been released as a full game yet. Make some sense
  13. yay got an ipower 1 because i had no clue that it would be affected that way. So happy i got a toothpick :(
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