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  1. As we heard in last Dev_Juice Live Stream this game looks like is going to receive some love, last update we received was on Dec 2018, so it is 2 years without new content. I have been a DD player since many years ago and there are some things I would like to highlight for new developers: Wayfarer and protean weapons: What's the point of pay medals/gems in weapons which are not too different as the weapons dropped in every single map? also stats are not better that the regular weapons. Pets: At this point pets are useless, looks like pets are not adding too much to the game just as a visual effect. Inventory: I know you need players to buy space or bags however there is a issue when you have same items in different bags and cannot be added into one single cell, meaning 34 pristine motes in bag one and 5 pristine motes in bag 2, if I move any of those to any bag will not be mixed, will ocupy two spaces in my inventory instead of one space with a total of 39 pristine motes. Why instead of 99 items, we cannot have 999 items? this will save space not only to players, also to server capacity. Remove old and useless items such as "Carnival Admission Pass" and "Prize Wheel Ticket", I have tickets sitting there for quite long time ago. Maps: After Onslaught floor 84 "The lost temple" has so many mobs that becomes very laggy and I sometimes I cross my fingers so my build kills everything because its difficult to move or the refreshing rate on my screen is so slow that sometimes I just die or lose the game and I dont even know what happened. Christmas!! we have been on christmas since 2018!!!!... but you know what? you can leave this because WE ARE ON CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!! Chars: There are some chars that were nerfed and now are useless, take as example "the Dryad"... hornets were nerfed and now this char is sitting in the corner since nobody are using them. At this point I only see people using "the monk", "EV2", apprentice and hunter, there are other 9 chars which people are not using on a regular basis because arent good enough. I love this game, and I have so much hours playing this that I cannot quit just right now, please hear players and support the game a little more. if anybody has anything to add please be my guest.
  2. Every time I join any map I have all my items at level 1. why is this happening? thanks,
  3. Every time I join a map all my items are in level 1. is anybody el having same issue? It takes several reloads to have some luck to join a map with all the correct level in my gear. thanks,
  4. Hello, My last ps4 died a month ago, I am planning to buy another ps4, can I recover my DD2 account? I was level 1300+.
  5. I love the game, but I see no point to restart everytime and start to scratch again, it requires a lot of money to return where you were. Adding to this, now we have the option to include VIII amps to our gear for a lot of money, then with the restart you loose it all again for only 5% of exp and gold increase. I have restarted 14 times, but I starting to see no point to continue since everytime its getting harder and harder to continue and start from zero. Where is the fun there? adding to this... weapons doesnt add any improvement to the game since this is a tower based game, I have never used a weapon which helps me to feel stronger if my towers arent.
  6. [[178601,users]]... millions in a day???? HOW????? We all share the same feeling, however I have 4 pieces I always carry during my AP restarts, 4 relics and one pole, I have them with the higher stats I could find so makes me easier leveling, takes me 1 day to return from a reset to C7 again. BUT!!! the problem is the gold, as you mentioned, takes 2 million each piece, so If I dont have money, I cannot AP because I will get stuck.
  7. Is this happening only to me? Everytime I select on PS4 "next floor" I get disconnected, I've noticed that to avoid that I have to return to town and then select the new floor. Is someone having the same issue? its frustrating because after get disconnected I have to re-start the game at least 3 times.
  8. Hey guys! im chaos 7 but I still dont know how do I get (as example) Glaive of the storms with C7 Stats? is only available for low levels?
  9. I have one with 95%, so I need to find one that its 65% cause its better ? Why? Serenity Aura reduces enemy move speed by X% inside Serenity Aura. doesnt this means that speed will reduced that amount? so, 65% its like the half when 88 its almost all speed, what I am missing?
  10. Hello, since last update I cannot see stats and description of items when using Enchantress, I cannot enhance items because I dont know what I am sacrifying. Its just me?
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