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  1. thanks u very much! my data have been restored
  2. my steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ghost-CN-SZ
  3. I lost all my items when I logged in Rank today. I have played this game for almost 10 years,Can anyone help me recover my data? Thank you!
  4. I highly suspect that the problem really be solved, because you did not figure out what the problem. Not what was stolen, and now the solution is not only not solve the problem, also caused inconvenient to use. 我高度怀疑问题真的被解决了,因为你们都没搞清楚问题在哪。并不是东西被偷了,现在的解决方案不仅没解决问题,还造成了使用上的不方便。
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