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  1. In case someone hasn't made this suggestion yet, it would be a very nice addition to the controller's fuctionality. Just the Y direction doesn't feel right.
  2. This is an early access game, in case this is your first time seeing it , you would know it is not finished, therefore it needs tweaking and debugging. It's not Trendy's fault you didn't look up what the game was about.
  3. For some reason my pet kills and my defense kills didn't count in Free Play Easy, i was solo and private.
  4. The only items i would pick up would be pet stuff and gear that is (potentially) better than mine and then just putting them in the right bags.But now i have to look through my bags to sell items i do not want, and if i do find something worthy on the ground i'll have to search for it in the huge clutter the junk items have made. I also don't want to visit the scavenger to find the one item that i wanted to pick up but i didn't because my inv was full of garbage. After finishing a map the items on the ground would end up in my TIB and i would browse it to find the stuff i want, and then sell a
  5. I left numerous items on the ground, thinking they would end up to the scavenger like it did with the TIB, but after getting to the tavern the scavenger did not have any items on him.There were items of any kind, and i did this on Incursion Hard, solo. (Once again this was a private match hosted in a private tavern which was launched directly from the menu screen)
  6. I noticed this after rerolling a daily (not sure if this is a factor or not) and checking my quests, (pressed J to see them) while being in combat, seems to cause the rewards panel to "slide" to the right. The panel makes a tick to the right whenever damage numbers would appear (either on screen or not). Haven't tested this without the HUD.
  7. So the preview for the accessory is this: But the actual in-game appearance is this:  I thought the whole eye is supposed to be glowing brightly, not just the irises. This happens when his eyes are not blasted with light, only when they are shadowed. Same goes for the mark on his forehead.
  8. Please note that i did search for a relevant topic, though nothing came up in both the manual and the automatic search results. Since nobody wants junk in their item bags or leaving them on the ground in a huge pile which would obstruct their view, i suggest assigning a button ( like the key "T") to place loot straight into the temporary bag. This would allow easier management in several ways: 1) Seperation of items to junk and useful: Instead of looking through everything you collected to see which of these you found are actually worth, you can just put the wanted items in your regular bags a
  9. Well I'm asking this because i have several heroes to get to 50, so if there is no cap this should put me a bit at ease knowing that the grinding won't take as long as the others. Although if there is i'm going to have to request to take it down as i'm sure i'm not the only one to want many characters to fit their play-style.
  10. If someone could tell me if i'm about to waste 180 wyvern tokens that would great.
  11. It seems katkarrot will fire his ability if an enemy is targeted with his health shown and the target reticle being red, which seems absurd considering the game sometimes will not target an enemy even if you're looking at it straight at its face. I don't know if this is a bug or if i should move this thread to the suggestions forum but this is really annoying when you're trying to shoot something when you're in close combat.
  12. I've been collecting quite some wyvern tokens pre and after wipe and to be honest i've grown a bit tired with the bugged dailies. So in case all this work goes down the drain i have to ask if anyone can share a screenshot of their pet that got out of the Betsy Egg. Before you ask, the egg does not exist in the wiki.
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