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  1. steam name: saturdayz make best offer
  2. Seriously? Because for 7.06 they said they were nerfing it but they didn't say HOW much. I had to load up the game to check the new numbers, which in my opinion was way way too low. A 75% nerf is huge and completely changes the tone of the game. In the next patch they are saying exactly what they are doing, a 30% increase. Going from 5600 dps to 2000 dps then back up to 2600 dps with the 30% buff isn't much. Still way more than half. What part of that doesn't make sense? as i said before, we know it changes the tone of the game. we know, we know, we know. nobody is arguing that,
  3. I resent that, pokemon is a significantly deeper game than people give it credit for. okay i'll agree, but you get the message.
  4. Now... even one can smash through stuff before I can reach it. Not fun. But yes, I mispoke there. I never expected ogers to be something towers dealt with easily. maybe try fully upping your squires equipment and getting a better strategy, and planning out ahead of time for a hunt or something to kite the ogre. insanes are not meant to be easy, they are meant to be insane. and by that, i would hope you can't do them with 2 mil dropped into just your weapon and be like okay end game content here i come!
  5. we get that it's a huge reduction, that's the point. argue why it's incorrect to do so.
  6. p.s. i like the fact insanes are harder now, because before insane was just what you did when you hit 70. maybe you have to have optimized gear and actual strategies now rather than just place a bowling ball turret and game over. if you want a super easy game while destroying end game content go play pokemon or something -.- but some people want a challenge, and no it's not just nerfing it to oblivion that makes it challenging, but before this game was just a 1-class game, let's be quite honest.
  7. all these people thinking this is a squire only game should get over themselves LOL, guys they nerfed squire gg games pointless now. jk try a new strategy maybe (hint:involving another class)
  8. steam name: saturdayz make best offer
  9. steam name: saturdayz make best offer
  10. you're mad because you didn't survive on survival mode? guess i don't get it.
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