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  1. lel, it caps on hero speed. Cheddah would approve of this. VN find, mate. Good luck in your auction. :D
  2. 5 Cubes on the 1st Ult Plate Tower Helmet to get this thing started.
  3. ejfaro: can you post 6 coal on Ruxpin's lad auction for me This is me posting on behalf of IGN_ejfaro as he is known on these fine forums. He is placing a bid of 6 coal. Due to weird circumstances for the forums not working for some, he is not able to bid on the Gladius himself at the moment. Therefore, I am. Lovely auction, mate.
  4. Cap for myth is 32 no set bonus.
  5. I'm not sure if I wanna keep it or not. Depends on if it is valued high enough. I already upped it into ranged damage because it's freaking tiny as heck. If it's not super valuable at all, I'll just keep it on an Aquanos themed Monk.
  6. Last Entry, Just keep hoppin' along, Lin. :)
  7. Well, phack. Looks like I'm not getting it. XD Oh well.
  8. Entry #2, TY for this giveaway, mate. And good luck in life and all you do. You'll be dearly missed by the community.
  9. Another loss. Seems this monster called "Life" keeps stealing our community members. You will be forever in our hearts... and stew. :3
  10. Mine would have to be Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. He always lived in blissful stupidity without a care and was always happy.
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